Taking a stroller on a family holiday

It’s a question many parents ask themselves; should you take a stroller on a family holiday or can you survive without it?

There are a few things that you’ll want to consider when you’re making a decision about taking a stroller away with you.

Are you traveling by plane, train or foot?

Do you need your stroller to store things while you’re traveling?

Will you require the stroller when you reach your destination?

Are there costs involved in taking it along with you?

In this guide, we’ll help you decide if your stroller is necessary for your trip, how to manage taking it with you and the pros and cons of doing so.

Let’s face it, traveling with a baby can already be a challenge when it comes to the amount of luggage and general stuff you’ll be taking along. If you decide to take the stroller too, let’s look at ways to make that easy for you.

Traveling by plane

Traveling by plane with a baby or toddler can often be made easier with the addition of a stroller.

When you’re laden down with bags (oh-so-many of them!) and need to get across the airport from checking in, eating or shopping and departing, a stroller can not only be a safe and comfortable place for your baby to travel but can also make handy storage for some of your many bags.

That said, ensure you’re going to have enough free hands to push your stroller and your suitcases too!

Depending on the airline you are traveling with, you may be able to keep your stroller with you right up until the point that you board the plane. It could then be waiting on the tarmac, or even at the plane door, for you to reuse at your destination or during connecting flights.

Check with your airline to see what their regulations are around using your stroller at the airport and if you can take it on board free-of-charge or if a cost applies.

Bear in mind too that you may be tasked with packaging your stroller securely before checking it in. Knowing these things in advance will not only save you time at the airport, but also possible stress when you’re on a schedule.

Finally, if you decide not to take your stroller to the airport, or to check it in as soon as you arrive, you may have the option of hiring a stroller while you’re there.

Many airports offer complimentary strollers to families with young children and this can be very handy while you’re there. Check in advance if strollers are available for hire but be aware that only a limited number will be. Airports will likely operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis for stroller hire so don’t take for granted that one will be available for you.

Traveling by car

If your family holiday is a road trip, long or short, a stroller will probably fit into your car boot as easily as it does every day.

A compact stroller, such as umbrella or lightweight stroller, can be packed in a way to still leave plenty of room for your other luggage.

When packing your car boot, consider the order your pack everything as you may need to pull out the stroller throughout the journey.

Reaching your destination

As well as the journey itself, take some time to think about using your stroller when you reach your holiday destination.

How likely is it that you’ll need your stroller while you’re there?

What will the terrain be like?

Alternatives to your stroller

Could hiring a stroller, or borrowing one from a friend, be an option instead?

If taking a stroller on holiday isn’t an option for you, or something you’d rather not do, then you might want to consider taking a baby carrier.

Baby carriers are a more compact mode of transport for your little one and can make your life a lot easier when you’re out and about.

Whether it’s a day of sight-seeing or walking around the airport or onboard the plane, a carrier can help your baby feel snug and secure, close to you and might even lull them to sleep too.

Baby carriers can often fit into a nappy bag when rolled up, and they’re easy and lightweight to take along on flights, day trips and attractions.

When it comes to taking a stroller away with you, the more compact and lightweight, the easier it will be.

If your current pram or stroller is heavy or bulky, there is a risk that is could get damaged during transit. There’s also the potential for it to be more hassle than it’s worth during your trip and you could regret taking it along.

An umbrella stroller is an easy-to-store and manoeuvre stroller that ticks many boxes for family travel. It’s secure and sturdy and compact and easy to fold.

If you don’t currently have your own compact stroller, hit up your friends to see if they might loan theirs to you for the duration of your trip!


A stroller can be one of the most beneficial baby items you’ll take with you on holiday.

Not only is it a familiar, secure and comfortable place for your baby to travel in, but if they’re used to napping in a stroller at home, they can continue to while you’re away.

It’s also a handy seat on-the-go for your baby wherever your travels take you! Many strollers and prams also have the added benefits of sunshades and rain covers that will protect your little one throughout the day, whatever the weather.

Your stroller’s storage basket will never be more used when you’re away and it could be a great place to store everything from your nappy bag to sunscreen, a camera or gifts for your loved ones back home.

We hope this guide has helped you to decide if a stroller will make your life easier when you’re away and how you might make use of it at every stage of your journey.

Happy travels!