5 things to adore about the Adore Convertible Car Seat

When we’re choosing a car seat for our new baby, we consider their safety and comfort as well as our budget, before we make the investment.

For babies from newborn upwards, a convertible car seat is the ‘go-to’ choice for many Australian parents and there are plenty of reasons why.

Let’s break those down here, demonstrating the features and benefits of the Mother’s Choice Adore convertible car seat and why so many parents rate this car seat as their preferred choice.

About the Adore AP Convertible Car Seat

The Adore is suitable for babies aged newborn to approximately four years of age, or until their shoulder reaches the upper height marker.

This seat features state-of-the-art technology that not only provides children with supreme comfort, but also protects them in the event of any accidents.

So, your precious cargo is secure and relaxed during car journeys – in turn, helping parents to feel assured too.

There are five key reasons that Aussie parents adore the Adore convertible car seat:

1.       It allows for extended rearward facing

The law in Australia states that infants can be turned to a forward-facing position from 6-months-old. However, many parents opt to keep their child in a rearward facing position until they are approximately 12 to 30 months of age.

You may choose to keep your child in a rearward-facing position for longer to further protect their safety. Of course, not all children like to face away from the family, so this is something to bear in mind too!

The Adore seat is the perfect choice here as it allows for extended rearward-facing to approximately 30 months and then forward-facing to 4 years of age approximately.

If you’re wondering how long to keep your child in a rearward facing position, this car seat will cater for both options. As long as their shoulders do not exceed the rearward facing shoulder height marker on the car seat, you may keep them in a rearward facing position for longer.

2.       It has an easy-to-adjust headrest

In the first four years of your little one’s life, their will grow significantly – sometimes that growth feels like it happened over night!

A car seat with a headrest that’s easy to adjust is a feature that will make those times of transitions much smoother.

The Adore seat has a one-handed 5-position headrest and in-built harness adjustment that lets you adjust the harness without having to remove the car seat from your vehicle.

Its easy 3-position seat recline also allows for additional comfort for forward-facing children too.

3.       ISOFIX makes parents' lives easier!

Another addition of the Adore that has parent’s busy lives in mind is ISOFIX technology.

It provides a quick and simple way to install your car seat, rather than opting for the traditional method of seat belt installation. ISOFIX can also be used on either rearward facing and forward facing installations.

If your family has multiple vehicles, ISOFIX installation allows you to move one seat between those different cars, whenever you need to. Simply install an ISOFIX base in each vehicle.

Car seats with ISOFIX have an in-built indicator system that lets you know if the car seat is installed correctly or not. Therefore, you can be confident that your seat is installed properly, each time you travel.

If your car has ISOFIX anchors built into its seats, this is a feature you will love!

In the Mother’s Choice convertible car seat range, the Summit ISO 30, Accord AP and Adore AP are all fitted with ISOFIX.

4.       Wicking fabric for year-round comfort

Throughout the year and especially in summer, car seats can get quite hot for children.

The Adore convertible car seat features soft and comfortable wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the body to keep your little one cool and dry as they travel.

If you’re a family that road trips frequently, this feature will be adored by your child!

5.       Air Protect™ technology

Mother’s Choice car seats exceed the Australian standards, with the addition of Air Protect™ Technology in every seat in the range.

Air Protect™ technology is built into the headrest of the car seats and in the event of an accident, it helps to reduce the severity of side impact crashes. Almost one third of all child crash fatalities are caused by side impact crashes, nearly all resulting from head injuries, making this feature one of the best-loved by Australian parents.

If there is an accident, a headrest with Air Protect™ acts as a cushion for your child’s head, absorbing the impact from the crash and transferring it away from the head.

A summary of the Adore convertible car seat features

The Adore car seat is packed with elements to keep your child safe, cosy and happy as they travel. These are:

  • AirProtect™ superior side impact protection for the head.
  • Wicking fabric to keep them comfortable
  • ISOFIX for easy installation
  • Extended rearward-facing to approximately 30 months (maximum height marker 390mm)
  • Forward-facing to approximately 4 years of age (higher height marker of 430mm)
  • Easy to use headrest that accommodates for your growing baby by easily adjusting the harness up and down without removing the car seat from the car
  • 3-position recline (forward-facing)
  • Large seating depth for superior comfort for your growing child
  • In-built rebound bar for simple car installation
  • Plush infant insert
  • Machine washable covers

It might take a little research to choose the ideal car seat for your child but we understand that their safety is the number one attribute that you will be considering.

At Mother’s Choice, our range of car seats have this front of mind too.

The Adore convertible car seat is a comfortable and safe seat for your child, featuring top technology that gives you ultimate peace of mind when you’re traveling in the car.

It’s a car seat that goes the distance and will keep them secure for the first four years of their life, making it a wonderful investment for budget-conscious families.

If you’re looking for a premium car seat with additional features that make your life easier, you can find out more about the Adore car seat here.