4 top benefits of hiring a baby capsule

A baby capsule can be such a worthwhile investment for families and if you’re budget-conscious, hiring a baby capsule is the perfect solution.

Baby capsules are not only a safe and comfortable seat for new babies, but they can also make your life as a busy new parent much easier too.

Why use a baby capsule?

Baby capsules are suitable for newborn babies until they are approximately 6 months old. They’re rear-facing seats and one of the first big investments that many families make.

Many baby capsules are compatible with strollers, allowing you to create a travel system that makes being on-the-go with your baby even easier.

The Mico Baby Capsule is Australia’s most compatible infant capsule that creates a travel system with many leading stroller brands. If you choose to hire a capsule, instead of buying your own, you’ll still reap the rewards but have the advantage of giving it back when it’s no longer needed!

If you choose to hire a capsule, instead of buying your own, you’ll still reap the rewards but have the advantage of giving it back when it’s no longer needed!

Why do baby capsules make life easier?

There are a few key ways that using a baby carrier will give you freedom and confidence, when you’re in the car with your baby

1. They give you peace of mind

All new parents have the safety of their baby front of mind.

Whether it’s bringing your baby home from the hospital for the first time or a daily trip running errands in the car, you’ll feel much more confident when you know your baby is safe.

Our Mico capsule is a comfortable seat with a 5-point harness to keep babies secure during car journeys.

It features our Air Protect technology for added safety, as well as a canopy to shield your baby from the sun’s rays.

Our infant capsules offer easy portability and installation as well as breathable wicking fabric to keep your baby cool while they’re travelling. The Mico has a narrow width to accommodate multiple car seats in the back seat of the car too – and this makes the lives of families with multiple children even easier.

 2. You won’t need to wake your sleeping baby!

When young babies are traveling in the car, the motion is often enough to send them off to sleep.

If you reach your destination and your baby is still asleep in their baby capsule, you can simply unclip them and carry them, without waking them!

Baby capsules are lightweight and easy to carry while your baby is safely strapped in.

Let’s face it, the last thing we want to do is wake a sleeping baby unnecessarily, especially if it’s taken some time for them to drift off. We’ve all tried and failed to master ‘the transfer’ from car seat to house enough times to know how tricky it is!

Many parents encourage their baby to sleep in the capsule by rocking them gently and then simply popping the seat into the car as they’ve drifted off.

 3. They make transfers to and from the car quick and easy

As baby capsules are so portable, you can easily bring the capsule into the house and strap your baby in. Then, simply carry them out to the car and clip the seat into the base.

This is a plus point in wet weather – no more getting drenched in the rain while you hurriedly try to strap your baby in!

Many capsules also have the benefit of rain covers to keep your little one protected as your transfer them too.

Another added benefit of a capsule is how easy it is to move it between cars. If you own more than one vehicle, you might have a capsule base installed in both of them and invest only in one capsule that you can move between cars.

Not only is this budget friendly, but if you hire the capsule you could save yourself hundreds of dollars and still have a capsule to use in all the family’s cars.

4. You can be more hands-free!

When you’re carrying the handle of your baby capsule with one hand, your other is free to push a stroller, carry bags or hold the hands of an older sibling.

This can make a trip to the shops or the daily school run a lot easier and quicker.

Investing in a baby capsule will give you added safety, freedom and flexibility. They’re a portable car seat to keep your baby snug and secure, that can save you time and stress as you go about your day.

Many new parents find that a baby capsule makes their busy life a lot easier. You have the choice to either invest in one, or hire one for the period it’s needed, depending on what works best for your family’s needs.

If you’re away from home and hiring a vehicle, the rental company may also have baby capsules available for hire too. Check with them at the time of making the booking to see if this is an option.


Hiring a baby capsule is handy, cost-effective and means you get the great benefits of using a capsule without laying out the full cost for one.

You might choose to hire it for the first six months, or even for a special trip or occasion when you only need the capsule for a short time.

Whether you are purchasing or hiring a baby capsule, we recommend that you get it professionally installed to ensure that it is a safe and secure seat for your baby to travel in.

We highly recommend that when you’re deciding upon a capsule to hire, you ensure it hasn’t been involved in any car accidents and you should thoroughly check the seat for any damage before using it.

For a safe, flexible and convenient car seat, why not consider hiring a baby capsule to make your life easier in the first six months. You can hire a baby capsule here.