How a Baby Capsule make a mums life easier

Whether you’re welcoming your first child or a new sibling into your family, we understand that the early months of parenthood can take a little getting used to. When new mum April was ready to get out and about with her baby, she looked for a newborn car seat that would make her life easier while she navigated motherhood, was pregnant with her baby she chose Australia’s number one capsule, the Mico Plus baby capsule. She loved the freedom and confidence that using it gave her.

There were a few key features of the Mico that have April peace of mind and confidence that when she was out with her new baby, they were comfortable and safe. She was also happily surprised at how much easier her life became by using a capsule. Here are the main reasons why April chose the Mico capsule and how it makes her life as a busy new mum easier:

 1. Her confidence soared

April says “as a first-time mum, it can be quite overwhelming, taking your baby out for the first few times. I found the capsule provided a lot of comfort and confidence for me. I probably wouldn’t have taken my baby out as soon as I did if I didn’t have a capsule.”

Using the capsule meant that April could get herself, and her baby, ready before they even got to the car:

“I loved the fact that I could feed the baby at home, put them in the capsule and settle them before we had to get into the car. We could clip the baby in and out of the capsule base and off we’d go!”

 2. Her baby loved to sleep in it

A plus point for April was how easily her baby slept in the Mico capsule and many times, they were relaxed and sleeping before she had even left the house! “My baby sleeps so beautifully in the Mico. I can pop them in the baby capsule, rock the capsule until they’re settled and go to sleep and then I can transition them into the car. They stay asleep in the capsule and once we get to our destination, I click the capsule out, put it onto my stroller and off we go. My baby stays soundly asleep!”

The Mico Plus can be connected to many strollers and prams with adaptors and this makes transferring your baby between the house, car and stroller a breeze. Let’s face it, when a newborn is sleeping soundly, the last thing you would want to do is wake them! A capsule makes life easier for parents and babies by allowing for easy transitions that won’t interrupt a comfortable, snoozing baby.

3. The safety features gave the ultimate peace of mind

The safety of April’s baby is paramount and the features of the Mico capsule gave her so much confidence when she was out and about with her new baby. The Mico Plus features Superior Head Protection Air Protect technology that is designed with safety and comfort in mind. Air Protect™ patented technology design acts as a soft cushion to absorb side-impact crash forces, transferring the energy away from your child’s head.

April says “Air Protection for me is an absolute must when purchasing a car seat. You can feel how soft and cushioned it is around the head which provides confidence for me because I know that my baby’s comfortable every day. If we were to have an accident, I know that my baby is going to have the best side impact protection around their head.”

4. Life is made easier

The ability to transfer her baby between the house, car and stroller made her daily life calm and easier. On wet weather days, this was a must!

April says “I can get the baby ready inside the house before we have to get into the car, especially when it’s really cold outside. Nobody wants to take a newborn baby out in that weather!

I can put the baby in the capsule, strap them in, and settle them and rock the capsule. The swaying motion sends them off to sleep before having to get into the car so everyone’s happy before we leave the house.”

April’s baby stays comfortable, warm, and cozy and in just a few minutes, they’re moved from the house and clicked into the capsule base in the car.

When it comes to recommending a car seat to her friends, April doesn’t hesitate to suggest the Mico Plus: “I always tell all my friends, especially anyone who’s a first-time mum, they must have a Mico capsule! It makes life so much easier, there are so many benefits to having one.”

I love so many of the Mico Plus capsule features. 

  • Superior Head Protection Air Protect
  • An extendable sun canopy with UPF 50+
  • A water-resistant hood
  • Rear and side mesh inserts for continuous airflow
  • ‘Cool Baby’ wicking fabric
  • Magnetic harness holders and Easy Out harness pads

Did you know that you can also hire a baby capsule for the time you need one? Hiring a baby capsule is a cost-effective option and an alternative to purchasing a convertible car seat. By hiring one, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars.

When you hire a baby capsule from Mothers Choice, it’s couriered straight to your door.

Our capsules are:

  • The only capsules that feature Air Protect for your baby’s safety and comfort
  • Compatible with more leading stroller brands than any other capsule
  • Compliant with strict Australian Safety Standards
  • Thoroughly tested through a Maxi-Cosi safety and quality assessment
  • Put through the rigorous cleaning certification process which includes sterilising and cleaning after every hire   Click here to find out more about hiring a capsule

A baby capsule is a great choice that makes life easier for new parents or those with older children and even more to juggle!