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adore AP Convertible Car ...

The Mother’s Choice adore AP convertible car seat is suitable for newborn through to approximately 4 years of age, or until your child’s shoulder reaches the upper height marker. The adore AP allows for extended rearward-facing to approximately 30 months (maximum height marker 390mm), and then forward-facing to 4 years of age approximately (higher height marker of 430mm).

Easy one handed 5 position headrest and in-built harness adjustment, allows you to adjust the harness without removing the seat from the car and easy 3 position seat recline in forward-facing provides additional comfort. The adore AP convertible car seat offers state of the art technology: ISOGO (Isofix) fitting system, Air Protect Technology TM superior side impact head protection, thereby ticking all the boxes for safety, comfort and convenience, specifically designed to carry your most precious cargo.

Mico Limited Edition ...
Maxi-Cosi Mico Limited Edition Newborn Baby Capsule, Australia’s most compatible infant capsule, creates a Travel System with leading Stroller brands. (Strollers & adaptors sold separately).
Special Price $299.00 was $529.00
Tribe AP Booster Seat

The Mother’s Choice tribe AP booster seat provides continued safety for your older child with our revolutionary AirProtect TM Technology. This unharnessed booster seat is suitable for children from 4 to approximately 8 years of age, or until your child’s shoulder reaches the upper height marker.

The easy to access cup holders means no more drink spillages on your vehicle seats, the removable cover is also machine washable making every day maintenance a breeze for any parent or caregiver.

The Mother’s Choice tribe AP booster seat is a narrow, yet comfortable seat that allows for up to 3 seats across the back in most cars.

Zeal AP booster seat is your best choice option for an easy to use booster with the added protection of Air Protect.
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Benefits of using a baby capsule

The benefits of using a baby capsule are vast and can really help a busy new parent save time, money and make life a lot easier during the first months of parenthood. Let’s face it, leaving the house with a new baby can be daunting in the early days, especially when it comes to keeping them safe, secure (and asleep!).




How to choose the right baby stroller by age

The world of baby strollers can be quite daunting for new parents. Do you go with a three-wheeler or a four-wheeler? How big should the basket be? Why does the pram need to lie flat? How do you even unfold the pram once you bring it home??




Simplifying the school run

When your kids start school or preschool it is a huge adjustment for everyone. Suddenly there are lunches to pack, uniforms to wash and your day is driven by the ring of the school bell as you buckle your booster seats to make it to school on time! You will eventually find your rhythm to get out the door on time, well on most days anyway, but the below tips will help you to get on your way. 




Travelling With a Newborn - 6 Things Not to Plan a Trip Without

It’s perfectly normal to doubt whether travelling with a newborn is such a good idea. Accommodating to their nap and feeding times may seem like a challenge, when in fact - babies can be a joy to travel with. 




Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Car Seat

It seems like there’s a limitless number of options when it comes to car seats, doesn’t it? First-time parents, in particular, find themselves perplexed by the variety of choices they are presented with and find it impossible to make a decision they will be 100% confident about. 




What is Cradle Cap and How to Treat It

Have you noticed that your baby’s scalp has been a bit reddish? This may be the first symptom of cradle cap, also called a honeycomb disease, milk crust, or to get more technical - seborrheic dermatitis. But don’t get alarmed right away, as it’s not that serious. Actually, some call it a ‘baby form of dandruff’. It is not contagious and is certainly not a reflection of the parent’s care for the child. 




Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes When Installing a Car Seat

After selecting an ideal car seat, first-time parents can’t shake the feeling that, somehow, they’ve missed a step or did something wrong during its installation. But let us reveal a little secret: even some more experienced parents and caregivers are prone to making mistakes. In fact, last year Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) surveyed 400 parents in Australia and found that more than half installed their child’s car seat incorrectly. 




Newborn Essentials: 5 Things You Need To Pack In A Hospital Bag

As soon as you enter the third trimester you need to keep a hospital bag packed and ready to go at any time. It’s not unusual for a child to arrive early, which is why so many excited mothers start creating their hospital bag checklist early on. 




How To Get Everything You Need For Your Baby On A Budget And Not Compromise The Value

The time when the little bun is still in the oven is both exciting and terrifying for a parent. You’re looking forward to purchasing all the adorable essentials, but as the list expands, you look around and ask yourself - do I have enough room for all of that? Or worse: can my wallet take the hit?




5 Reasons A Rocker Napper Will Change Your Life

To get a rocker napper  or not, that is the question… and in response, we say a resounding YES!! When you have a newborn baby, anything you can do to make life easier is a win in our book. Trust us when we say that a rocker napper will absolutely change your life!