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Baby care isn’t just about making sure baby is fed and giving them lots of hugs and snuggles (although those baby cuddles are really rather lovely!). One of the things that parents worry about most is baby health and having the right equipment to care for their little one.

When it comes to parenting, preparation is the key. And while you can’t be prepared for everything that parenting life brings, you can certainly have the tools on hand that will make life that little bit easier!

When you need to take your baby’s temperature, there isn’t usually time to be wasting going out to buy a thermometer. Having the essentials at home will save you time and worry, ensuring you are prepared when you need to be. 

Likewise with baby grooming. If your baby’s nails get too long they will end up scratching themselves… and any breastfeeding mum will tell you the damage and pain that long baby fingernails can cause! If you a baby grooming kit in the bathroom cupboard, you will be able to deal with any nail snags or other grooming issues straight away. 

 At Mother’s Choice we stock a range of baby health products that take the worry away, giving parents peace of mind. We have all the baby care basics from baby thermometers to baby grooming kits and more. You can view our full range of baby health products below.

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  1. Safety 1st Multi Purpose Application Lock 2 Pack, White. NEW AU Stock
    Child safety lock ideal for the freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher.
  2. Safety 1st Adjustable Multi-Purpose Strap 2 Pack. Free Returns
    Safety 1st Adjustable Multi Purpose Straps keep little ones out of unsafe cabinets, appliances and more with Custom Fit All Purpose Straps. Customize to fit your needs, attach with adhesive strips.
  3. 3 in 1 Nursery Thermometer
    You can choose the best way to check your child's temperature- orally, rectally or under the armpit. Thermometer beeps when the reading is complete.
    $7.90 $9.99
  4. Steady Grip Baby Nail Clipper
    The Steady Grip Nail Clippers are specially designed with curved cutting edges to easily trim nails closely. New ergonomic design allows for ease of use and comfortable grip. Find your nearest store of contact our Customer Service team for more information.
    $4.70 $5.99
  5. Welcome Baby Nursery Collection Kit
    This kit combines essential baby care items into a quick trip nappy bag. 
    $39.90 $49.99
  6. Sleepy Baby Nail Clippers
    The Sleepy Baby Nail Clippers illuminate tiny nails for clipping so you can confidently and accurately clip your child's nails with less stress. 
    $7.90 $9.99
  7. Electronic Nasal Aspirator
    An electronic nasal aspirator that quickly and gently removes excess mucus from a babies nose. An essential device which may provide relief from mucus build-up and further congestion. 
    $27.90 $34.95
  8. Baby Nasal Aspirator - Clear Tip
    The aspirator contains many features improved compression and finger grooves for proper finger placement to meet the needs of parent and baby. Find your nearest store of contact our Customer Service team for more information.
    $4.00 $4.99
  9. 3-Piece Medicine Dispensing Set
    This convenient medicine set contains three medicine dispensing options for your sick child. Find your nearest store of contact our Customer Service team for more information.
    $6.30 $7.99
  10. Fingertip Baby Toothbrush & Case
    The Fingertip Toothbrush by Safety 1st makes it easy to massage your baby's gums and brush those first teeth. The included case helps you keep the toothbrush clean and ready for use.
    $3.10 $3.99
  11. Baby Medicine Dispenser - Bottle
    The Safety 1st Bottle Medicine Dispenser easily dispenses medicine in a familiar way. Just remove the top, fill to the desired dosage and snap the top back on. 
    $5.50 $6.99
  12. No Scratch Infant Mitten (2 Pack)
    No Scratch Mittens are designed to help prevent infants from accidentally scratching themselves. The soft cotton material is comfortable for baby and the elastic wrist bands keep them securely in place. 
    $7.90 was $7.95
  13. Safety 1st No Scratch Infant Mittens 2 Pack, Blue. NEW AU Stock
    Safety 1st No Scratch Infant Mittens helps prevent babies from accidentally scratching themselves.
    $7.90 $7.95
  14. Safety 1st No Scratch Infant Mittens 2 Pack, Pink. NEW AU Stock
    Safety 1st No Scratch Infant Mittens helps prevent babies from accidentally scratching themselves.
    $7.90 $7.95
  15. Safety 1st Complete Baby Grooming Kit, Aqua. NEW AU Stock
    Safety 1st Complete Baby Grooming stylish kit keeps all of your baby's grooming items organized in one place. The clear-view case makes it easy to find items you are looking for.
    $19.90 $19.95
  16. Rubber Ducky Bath Temperature Guard
    The Bath Pal Thermometer easily and accurately reads bath water temperature to prevent injuries from scalding water. 
  17. Emery Boards & Case (10 Pack)
    The 10 Emery Boards & Case Pack is designed specifically for a baby's little nails, keeping their nails neat and smooth, and to prevent the baby from scratching themselves. It also comes in a convenient vinyl travel case.
    $3.10 $3.99
  18. Baby Brush & Comb Set
    This set gently keeps your child's hair neat and tangle-free. It features soft-touch handles and soft bristles. 
    $2.30 $2.99
  19. Bath Temperature Gauge - Lobster
    The Light-up Lobster Temp Guard Gauge helps ensure the bath temperature is just right for your little one in a fun way.
  20. Baby 'Bath Pal' Thermometer (Duck)
    The Bath Pal Thermometer easily and accurately reads bath water temperature to prevent injuries from scalding water. 

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Five essentials every parent needs in their baby health kit

If you want to stock your baby health kit, there are a few essentials that are absolute must-haves to help you in your everyday baby care and for those times when your baby is feeling under the weather. Here are the essentials we recommend for every parent.


Baby thermometer

If your baby is unwell, their temperature is one of the best giveaways… and the best way to take their temperature is with a baby thermometer. Using the back of your hand or guessing won’t give you an accurate temperature, and especially for younger babies, this can make all the difference. 

You might not use it regularly but it’s not the type of product you want to be without if you have a baby or young children because when you need it, you need it then and there. Keep it in your baby health kit and check the batteries regularly so it is ready to go when you need it. 


Baby grooming kit

Long nails and knotty hair are two of the biggest baby grooming issues parents face. Long nails can cause scratches to both baby and yourself so nail clippers, scissors or emery boards will help keep nails short and reduce the risk of scratches. 

As babies roll around on their backs in their cot, their hair can get quite knotty. Even if your baby doesn’t have hair that tends to get knots, getting them used to brushing their hair from an early age can help down the track when they have more hair and you need to brush it every day.


Bath thermometer

Burns and scalds are quite a big home safety risk for babies and many times these can happen in the bath because the water is too hot. A bath thermometer tells you when the temperature of the bath is safe for baby, taking all the guesswork out of this daily task. You are already busy enough with all of your baby care tasks, so a bath thermometer gives you one less thing to worry about.


Baby toothbrush

Even before your baby has teeth, getting them used to the idea of a baby toothbrush is a good idea. Similar to brushing or combing their hair, brushing their teeth - once they have them - is a daily task. While there are no guarantees that they won’t throw a tantrum about brushing their teeth when they are a toddler, if they are familiar with the process, it will be much easier!


Medicine dispensers

Some babies don’t like medicine… so when you need to give them Panadol or other medicine when they are sick, it can make an already stressful time even more stressful! Baby medicine dispensers come in different formats but they are all designed to help make it easier to give your baby medicine. They are also handy to have when you buy medicine for your baby and arrive home to discover the medicine doesn’t come with a syringe. 


Nasal aspirator

If your baby gets a blocked nose it can impact feeding, sleep and their general behaviour. It might not be the most glamorous part of parenting - is anything really? - but by helping your baby to clear some of that mucus can make them so much more comfortable while they are unwell. A nasal aspirator is your best friend to suck that snot - we did say it wasn’t glamorous didn’t we!


Preparation is the key. When you have the essentials at hand you are ready to tackle anything that parenting throws at you… well, almost anything!