Baby Toys

Haven’t baby toys come a long way since you were a kid? Modern baby toys are bright and engaging, teaching babies through the various elements that are each designed with a purpose. Well, at least that’s our approach at Mother’s Choice. We know how important play is for babies and how curious minds are developing through every interaction. The role of baby toys is vital in this development.

As babies grow and start to engage more with the world around them, the opportunities for play and introducing baby toys also increases. Baby toys are handy particularly when you are doing tummy time with baby and when you are out and about. As baby gets older and they are looking for more stimulation from toys, so too will your haul of baby toys grow!

While you are out and about, stroller arches and stroller toys can really help keep baby happy while you go about your day. Often babies will want to stay close to their parents but attaching some baby toys or an arch to the stroller will give them something bright to look at, to start grasping for and keep them happy and alert.

At tummy time, a play mat will keep baby comfortable and safe while they practice building their neck strength and interaction with the world around them. Baby toys scattered around the play mat also give them something to search for encouraging them to look beyond mum or dad and start reaching for objects.

At Mother’s Choice we have a range of baby toys including developmental toys, stroller arches, stroller toys, play mats and cot mobiles that encourage development and celebrate the joy and magic of babies.

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  1. Magical Tales Super Mat
    The Tiny Love Magical Tales Super Mat, features a stand out black and white design created specifically to stimulate babies’ developing eyesight. The Super Mat is big enough to comfortably fit both parent and baby, for unforgettable bonding moments. A soft handle makes it easy to fold and carry, and can be enjoyed at home, at the beach, or anywhere you’d like to entertain baby.
  2. Polar Wonders Rob Musical Baby Toy
    Musical arctic husky baby toy. Features baby-activated tunes that delight baby at home and on the go, while promoting cause & effect learning and cognition.
  3. Polar Wonders Alex Rattle Baby Toy
    Cute reindeer rattle that will keep your baby entertained along the way while providing a sense of familiarity.
  4. Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch Baby Toy, Fast Delivery
    Tiny Love's imaginative selection of colourful activity arches that turn stroller-time into a fun and stimulating time for your baby. Entertainment & development everywhere you go. Part of the Tiny Princess Tales Collection. Development has never looked so adorable!
  5. Spin N Kick Discovery Stroller Arch
    Reinforces self-discovery and cognitive development with a wide selection of fun features and toys: rotating rattling paddles, crinkly peek-a-boo book, puppy rattle and more.
  6. Baby Playmat Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini
    Electronic recording bird toy with lights and music feedback stimulates baby and encourages the development of language, communication and cognition, allowing parents to record sweet messages for a younger baby, and for toddlers to record themselves.
  7. Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Mat, Baby Activity Playmat, Fast Delivery
    Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Mat, Baby Playmat Developmental playground of wonder and discovery. A Super Mat for super fun!
  8. Tiny Princess Tales Take Along Baby Mobile
    Colorful and vibrant Take-Along Mobile for on the go fun gives baby a sense of familiarity while on the go, soothing baby with relaxing tunes and slow motion that encourage development.
  9. Meadow Days Take Along Baby Mobile
    Adorable Baby Mobile toy that gives baby a sense of familiarity while on-the-go. The familiar soothing music and steady movement create an atmosphere that stimulates baby and reassures.
  10. Meadow Days Soothe N Groove Baby Mobile
    Baby Mobile with a wide choice of 18 melodies in 6 musical categories help soothe baby and assist in bedtime, supporting development.
  11. Meadow Days Pack & Go Mini Baby Mobile
    Portable Mobile stimulates baby's cognition, senses and curiosity with 4 activities including bell-shaped wind chime and bird rattle.
  12. Musical Stack & Ball Game
    Baby activated electronic toy that suites multiple developmental stages.
  13. Inspiral Swirling Ball Toy
    Inspiral Swirling Ball, a stimulating, spiralling and fun-filled toy.
  14. Inspiral Rainstick Ball Toy
    Inspiral Swirling Ball, a stimulating, spiralling and fun-filled toy.
  15. Tiny Princess Butterfly Stroller Arch
    Colourful Baby stroller arch with baby-activated toys.
    $25.00 $36.95
  16. Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch Baby Toy, Dast Delivery
    Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroller Arch Baby Toy, the perfect Pram Accessory with your Meadow Days friends.
  17. Tiny Love Into The Forest Musical Nature Stroll Stroller Arch Baby Toy, Fast Delivery
    Tiny Love unique stroller arch with musical electronic toy. Inspiration and engagement on the go! Part of the Into the Forest collection! Sharing those special Moments of Wonder with baby.
  18. Baby Playmat Tiny Princess Tales Gymini Deluxe
    Uniquely designed 2-in-1 baby activity mat with adjustable arches provides an adaptable environment for baby's continued growth and development.
  19. Baby Playmat Into The Forest Gymini Deluxe
    Uniquely designed 2-in-1 baby activity mat with adjustable arches provides an adaptable environment for baby's continued growth and development.
  20. Tiny Princess Tales Soothe N Groove Baby Mobile
    Mobile grows with your baby converting from crib mobile to a stand-alone portable music box that babies can take wherever they go.

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How to store and care for your baby toys

When you have a baby you can certainly accumulate quite the collection of baby toys. Storing and caring for them properly will ensure they last longer and don’t become a hazard for your baby.

Keep them clean

Remember that babies put everything in their mouths and their baby toys are no exception. To avoid introducing any nasty germs to your baby, it’s important to keep your toys clean. Always follow the instructions on the toys but many will be machine washable while others may only be able to be surface cleaned.

For any attachments such as teethers or chew toys, give them a good clean after each time your baby has played with them. Warm soapy water should be sufficient, although once again follow the care instructions on the label. Play mats should also be washed regularly.

Watch out for any repairs

As much as you care for baby toys, sometimes an over enthusiastic older sibling or friend can do damage to a baby toy that needs repairing. Every so often check over your baby toys for any stitching that needs to be repaired or for loose parts. These can be hazards for a baby.

Buy back ups of favourites

If your baby has an absolute favourite toy that they can’t be without, it’s also a good idea to buy back ups. A good idea it to rotate between the back ups as if you lose the much loved original and try to replace it with a brand new one, well that’s just not going to cut it!

Try toy rotation

If you have multiple baby toys, toy rotation is a good idea. Keep the toys in tubs or boxes and every few weeks, switch out the toys that your baby plays with. This ensures that you don’t have toys stuffed at the back of the cupboard and keeps them engaged with their toys for longer as they are always fresh and different. Toy rotation works for babies and equally for older kids.

Have toys on hand

As much as you want to keep your baby toys tidy, it’s also a good idea to keep a few toys on hand and within reach in places like the car and in your nappy bag. Keeping something on hand means you won’t get stuck if baby gets upset and you need something to cheer them up. It’s also handy for delays when you end up out for longer than expected.

The Mother’s Choice range of baby toys are affordable and practical, encouraging learning and discovery at such a beautiful time in a family’s life.