Tips for getting out and about with your baby

Getting out and about with your new baby has so many benefits and it can be such an enjoyable experience for new parents! It’s a great time to test the new baby stroller and introduce your brand-new baby to your world.

At the same time, you might have an eager neighbourhood of family and friends who are itching to meet and coo over your new bundle of joy too.

If you’re wondering how to get organised to take your newborn outside in the pram for the first time, we’re here to help. We have some tips on how to get prepared and what you’ll need to make getting outside with your baby easy and stress-free.

Bear in mind that the benefits of taking your baby outside are for both you and them.

When you’re up on your feet and feeling ready, a walk in the sunshine is an uplifting way to get fresh air and settle into life with your new baby.

It isn’t an experience that needs to be rushed and we have the tools and tips to make your first venture outdoors easier for both you and them.


A comfortable start

 After having a baby, your body will take some time to adjust. This means being kind to yourself - and by kind, that might mean yoga pants and joggers - or whatever you feel comfortable wearing and walking in.

For your baby, comfort means being dressed in weather and temperature-appropriate clothing and rolling in the right wheels.

Choose the best baby stroller that caters to your baby’s and your own needs.

It needs to be comfortable and supportive for your baby and appropriate to their size and age. If you have a newborn, you might want a stroller with a bassinet such as the Haven Stroller. It also needs to be the right size and weight for you to push easily and to store at home.

Additionally, you might want to consider the terrains you’ll be pushing your pram on and if the stroller is the right match for that.

Extra features can make your outdoor adventures easier too. A stroller that’s easy to steer and turn, a large and roomy storage basket and cup holders are all features to make a new parents’ life easier.

If you want more tips and ideas on choosing the right baby stroller for you, we have a handy guide to help you out here.

Pack the essentials

Whether you’re leaving the house for a quick trip around the block or for a lengthy walk to the park, you’ll want to ensure that you have the essentials packed.

A spacious nappy bag with separate compartments for bottles, blankets, spare clothes and nappies is your best friend.

Consider what you might need for the time you’ll be away from home and pack enough quantities of each.

That said, don’t pack the kitchen sink! As much as you want to be prepared, you don’t want to be weighed down with so many things that your life is made more difficult.

Packing the nappy bag will become much quicker as over time you’ll start to figure out what you really need and what you can do without.

If all else fails and you’re short of nappies, wipes or more, you can always ask another parent passing by to help you, in a pinch! We’re all in it together.

Make it a habit

Build being out and about into your weekly routine - whether it’s meeting your local mum’s group or a quick solo walk to the shops or a local café.

Getting out into the fresh air is great for our minds and mood and daylight will also benefit your baby by teaching them the difference between day and night.

Let’s face it, getting more sleep is at the top of most new parents’ agendas! Help your baby sleep longer at night by getting plenty of light and fresh air during the daytime.

A stroller can be a lifeline to the outside world for many parents and make getting around so much easier.

Be social

Making the time to be social is just as beneficial for you as for your baby too. Being around other adults, particularly other parents, can really help you to feel more supported and not alone.

In the early days of parenthood, you can feel less isolated by proactively looking for opportunities to get out of the house and be around other people.

Ask your hospital or early childhood nurse to connect you with a local parent’s group to find new friends with babies at the same age as yours. Even having one or two local friends that you can call on, or walk with, is a lovely way to get outdoors - and have a conversation with an adult when needed!

Take it easy

When it comes to taking your new baby outside, do it on a schedule that works for you - there’s no need to rush!

Be kind to yourself and allow your body to recover from pregnancy and birth. The benefits of being outside with baby are for you as much as them, but the outside world isn’t going anywhere and will be waiting for you, when you’re ready.

You might start with a short walk or errand first and then, over time, build up to longer periods of time to be out and about when you’ve figured out your new routine and what you need to take with you.

If you have a car, pop the stroller into the boot (the Ella stroller is the perfect compact option) and the world is your oyster! Visiting friends and family at times that suit you and your baby’s schedule really helps to set your outdoor adventures up for success.

If you’re looking for the best baby stroller for your baby, you can check out our full range here.