Lightweight Strollers – Good Things Come In Small Packages

Choosing a stroller is such an individual decision that depends on many lifestyle factors. While you can be guided by advice from friends, it’s best to take a look at your own lifestyle and budget to determine the right stroller for you. 

Once you’ve established your lifestyle needs, take a look at the type of strollers on the market. There are many types of baby strollers including:

4 wheel stroller

4 wheel strollers may be lightweight and compact. They usually have a large storage basket for holding items underneath the pram. Perfect for people who use public transport and need a stroller that folds up compactly and easily.

3 wheel stroller

For active families, a 3 wheel stroller can be all-terrain. The wheels are bigger for all terrain access so you don’t get as compact a fold as you do for a 4 wheel stroller, but if you are active and enjoy the outdoors, this type of stroller is ideal.

Lightweight stroller

Also often referred to as an umbrella stroller, lightweight strollers are the most compact options available. They are light, have an easy fold and take up less room in the car or home than other baby prams.

Who is a lightweight stroller suitable for?

Really, lightweight strollers are so versatile and will meet the needs of many families. It comes down to your lifestyle and how you intend to use the stroller. In terms of addressing particular users, lightweight strollers will be suitable for grandparents because they are easy to fold and not bulky to carry, likewise for those with back problems.

If you are on a budget...

While there are baby strollers with thousand dollar price tags out there, you don’t need to spend the earth to get a quality stroller that will meet your needs. You could even walk away with change from $100 if you are smart about it.

If you are tight on space...

Whether you have downsized to a tiny home or are just tight on space in your home, or even your car boot, lightweight prams are the answer. They are like the Marie Kondo of the pram options, sparking joy and folding down into a compact solution.

If you want a pram for a newborn…

Lightweight prams are ideal for newborns because you aren’t having to lift and carry a heavy stroller around with you. Be sure to check the stroller has recline positions suitable for newborns. If you are planning for long term usage check the upper weight limit on the pram so that it is appropriate for an older child.

If you want some of the extra bells and whistles…

The benefit of a lightweight stroller is that the lower cost allows you to customise the stroller with the features and accessories that are important to you. This way you aren’t left paying for features that you will never use!

At Mother’s Choice we have been providing Australian families with quality baby products for more than 40 years, with some of the best prams Australia has to offer. And when it comes to lightweight strollers, we nailed it with the Ella umbrella stroller.

Available exclusively from Big W, Ella is as compact as she is packed with features that will suit your lifestyle needs.  


The canopy on a stroller is important for a few reasons. Firstly it helps to protect your little one from the sun. Secondly, it can help to block out light while they are sleeping.

The Ella stroller features an extra large UPF 50+ canopy so you are getting added protection from the sun.

The canopy also has a storage pocket for keeping essential items, such as water bottles, within easy reach.

Finally, there is a viewing window in the canopy so you can easily check on bub without risking waking them up. Simple features that pack a punch – good things definitely do come in small packages!

Compact fold

Folding a pram is often something you need a degree for, but not with the Ella stroller. The stroller easily folds into a neat umbrella fold. Even better, it features a carry handle so you have something to hold onto when using public transport etc.

Multi-position recline

Whether you are using the stroller for a newborn baby or for an older toddler, multi-position recline is an important feature. While it is not a feature of all lightweight strollers, Ella can recline to multiple positions. In a stroller that can hold up to 17kg (a child of approximately 4 years of age) comfort is so important!


Just because you have opted for a lightweight stroller, doesn’t mean you can’t add your own bells & whistles. The beauty of an affordable option like Ella is that you can really customise the stroller to your needs.

The 100% lambswool stroller insert is machine washable (so important when you have kids!) and has the dual benefit of keeping kids warm in winter and cool in summer. Plus it is super snuggly and so comforting.

A lightweight stroller for newborns or toddlers is an affordable option that ticks so many boxes for a busy family lifestyle. In deciding whether an umbrella stroller is right for you, Ella has the following features:

·      An extra-large UPF 50+ canopy with a storage pocket and viewing window to keep baby in view but well protected from the sun

·      The most compact fold in the Mother’s Choice range – perfect for small cars and small spaces

·      A lightweight stroller for newborns with multi-position recline for comfort and the ability to hold a child up to 17kg

·      Compatible with a range of accessories for added functionality and comfort

·      A nice price – at just $99, the Ella stroller is a quality stroller that will really work hard for your family

You can see the full range of Mother’s Choice strollers here to help you make a decision about the best pram for your family.