Simple tricks to make life easier with a baby

Simple tricks to make life easier with a baby

You can never underestimate the impact a baby will have in your life. For such a small person, they sure do take a lot of time and energy! Of all the baby products in the market, there are some that are designed to truly make your life easier… and at Mother’s Choice, that’s what we are all about.  

Here are four of our best simple tricks to make life easier with a baby. 

Go hands-free with a baby carrier

There will be days when your baby will only be happy in your arms. Every time you put them down they will cry, only ceasing when you pick them up again. And while it’s lovely to sit and snuggle with them on the couch all day, you still need to be able to get things done!

A baby carrier is the answer. While you are wearing the baby carrier, your baby is getting what they need - being close to you - and you are able to get things done! Not only that, holding a baby for very long periods can put a strain on your back and arms… using a baby carrier such as the Cub baby carrier helps to distribute that weight more evenly and takes the pressure off your back and arms.  

Using a baby carrier while you are at home is brilliant… don’t forget to pop it in the car to use while you are out and about. There may be times that you can’t use the stroller - maybe you are going to a very crowded place or you are just popping somewhere and won’t need the stroller. Whatever the reason, if you pop the baby carrier on and place baby inside, you know they are safe, secure and happy being close to you.

Use a messy mat at feeding time

When you start to introduce solids to your baby, life can start to get very messy indeed. You will be left in awe at how quickly your baby can spread a bowl of apple puree from one side of their highchair to another, getting it into every nook and cranny. Plates and spoons will magically disappear as they are pushed off the tray table of the highchair and every nearby surface is in the firing zone.

 Save yourself a little time in the clean up after feeding time by using a Messy Mat. It is so much easier to clean all those spills and crumbs when you take the mat outside, shake it and wipe it clean. The Messy Mat is made from easy-to-clean PVC so is the ideal solution for minimising the destruction of dinner time!

 As your baby gets older, a Messy Mat can also come in handy when you are doing art and craft. They can sit on it as they paint, whether that is in their highchair or at a smaller craft table. Kids are expert mess makers so prepare yourself!

A baby rocker is your new best friend

The thing with babies is that they constantly surprise you. One day they are lying on the floor, unable to move anywhere… the next they learn the skill of rolling and they never stay put ever again!

A baby rocker or swing is your best friend in the fight to keep your baby safe and secure where you can keep an eye on them… it may also help with lulling them into that state of relaxation that leads to sleep time!

With baby rockers you have a few different options:

Whenever you use a baby rocker, always follow the product safety instructions, secure the harness and ensure baby is within your sight at all times.

Keep a high chair booster seat in the car

If you enjoy eating out with your baby, even if it is just coffee and a babycino, you will soon discover that not every cafe or restaurant caters to babies and young children with high chairs. And if you are visiting family or friends who don’t have young children you can also get stuck with where to put the baby at mealtimes.

You could put them on your lap… but that can end in a whole world of mess and frustration as you try to balance your baby while you eat your meal. The alternative is to keep a high chair booster seat in your car. You can grab it out if you are going to a cafe that doesn’t have a high chair and keep it handy for when visiting family and friends.

The Clean & Comfy Booster is easy to clean with a removable tray and straps that can attach the booster to any chair, making it the perfect solution for when out and about. If you are tight on space, it’s also a great solution for the home. 

When you have a baby it’s all about doing whatever you can to make life simpler. Put strategies in place to bring ease into your life… because we all know that babies can throw any number of surprises at us every day and the more prepared you are, the better you are able to handle whatever comes your way.

At Mother’s Choice, we want to give parents the confidence to walk into life with a new baby knowing that they have everything they need to make life easier and keep their baby safe. It’s what we have been doing for more than 45 years and we have no intention of slowing down!

Simple tricks to make life easier with a baby