5 Reasons A Rocker Napper Will Change Your Life

To get a rocker napper or not, that is the question… and in response, we say a resounding YES!! When you have a newborn baby, anything you can do to make life easier is a win in our book. Trust us when we say that a rocker napper will absolutely change your life!


Newborn babies just want to be held… and as their parents, of course, we love to hold them. But as much as we wish we could snuggle with them all day, there are dishes to wash, meals to be made and sometimes you just need to give your arms - and back - a break!

Using a rocker napper you have the flexibility to pop baby down while you tend to other things, while still being able to stay close to baby and keep an eye on them. At dinner time you can bring the rocker next to the table so you can eat dinner with two hands while baby can be close to you. Likewise, if you want to fold laundry on the couch or when you have to help your older children with homework.

Sometimes you just need a break from holding your baby - it’s ok, we’ve all been there! - so you can pop your baby in the rocker and sing to them, read to them or just sit and stare at this beautiful person you have made. It’s a great opportunity for bonding time with your baby while also giving you some of the space that is so important to you. 


Babies love them

What’s not to love?! If you choose an option like the Tiny Love Baby 2 In 1 Natures Way Bounce And Sway there is movement, music and toys to engage and soothe your baby. Much like how you sway when holding your baby or rock your pram back and forth when you are stationary, the movement from a rocker napper is highly soothing to a baby. It calms them and can mimic the swaying movements they felt for those 9 months before they were born.

Some rockers have music, whether it is nursery rhymes, soothing music or white noise is also something babies love. If you sing along to the tunes, they will love it even more! As your baby grows, adding toys to the mix engages them developmentally. They love to see the bright colours and to reach for the toys, building their reflexes and skills as they do. And the other thing that babies love about rocker nappers is that they can see you while they are in it. They aren’t in a bassinet where they can’t see out the sides, they are in the room with you, and can always see you. What more could a baby want?



It’s all fun and games until one day you place baby on the couch only to 30 seconds later hear a thud when they have fallen on the floor because they have suddenly developed the new skill of rolling. If that happens to you, you certainly won’t be the first parent to experience it! If you have a rocker napper, you can instead place baby securely in the harness of the baby bouncer so they can’t roll or crawl away. No matter the baby's age, you should always use the in-built harness to keep them safe and in the rocker napper. 

By the stage - when baby is rolling or crawling - toys are definitely essential. A baby rocker napper with a removable toy arm is handy so you can add or remove the toys as you need. 


Sleep time helper

As a parent, you will do anything to get your baby to sleep… anything! And we can tell you that a rocker napper can help with sleep in a few ways. Firstly the movement - it helps make baby sleepy and calms them down ready for sleep. Whether it is rocking, bouncing or swaying movement doesn’t matter… it is the gentle movement that is what works.

While you shouldn’t leave a baby to sleep in a rocker for an extended period, the Tiny Love  Baby Cozy Rocker Napper easily converts to a flat sleeping surface for baby. If they fall asleep in the rocker, you can simply adjust the seat down into the flat napper position. It isn’t a permanent solution for every sleep but for day naps where nothing else will work, it is ideal! For day sleeps, a rocker napper with a canopy can also help provide shade and serenity - also great for blocking out lights in the evening.

Generally, for sleep time, the movement combined with music or white noise will calm baby down into a sleep ready state. If the rocker napper has a vibration feature this will also help to calm your baby and lull them to sleep. You can use it as part of your bedtime routine combined with a bath, reading books or whatever else works for you before putting baby into their cot or bassinet for what is hopefully a good night’s sleep… for you and baby!


Portability for the win

Portability is a big deal for a few reasons… firstly, if you need to have a shower, you can carry the rocker napper into the bathroom so you can keep an eye on baby, or you can bring the bouncer over to the table while you eat breakfast. A bouncer rocker is a flexible solution for keeping baby secure and occupied while you are at home. But remember to never carry the bouncer with baby in it!

Secondly, portability allows you to take the baby bouncer with you while you are on holiday or visiting family and friends. The Tiny Love Baby 3 In 1 Close To Me Bouncer is the perfect option if you need a rocker that folds compactly. It also has rear wheels that make it easier to move around the house. With added features like music, vibrations and an adjustable and removable toy arch, it is a complete solution.

At Mother’s Choice we have a range of the best baby rockers Australia has to offer! With full features such as multiple recline positions, removable toy arches, in-built music and vibrations, they will become baby’s favourite place to sit and watch the world go by!