Newborn Essentials: 5 Things You Need To Pack In A Hospital Bag

As soon as you enter the third trimester you need to keep a hospital bag packed and ready to go at any time. It’s not unusual for a child to arrive early, which is why so many excited mothers start creating their hospital bag checklist early on. 

Parents who have already gone through the process once before know the essentials by heart, but what about you, first-timers? Mother’s Choice decided to provide a list of items that you have to find a place for in your hospital bag to welcome your baby into this world with all the love and care they need.


1. Baby clothes

Note that some hospitals have strict policies concerning what newborns can be dressed in so be sure to consult with your doctor in advance. Most broadly speaking, expectant mothers pack up a few onesies and several pairs of socks. A cotton hat is also practical and provides an additional layer of safety to the baby’s soft head. 

Aside from preparing a change of clothes to have while you’re in the hospital, you’ll need a going-home outfit that will depend mostly on the weather conditions. During the warmer months, a onesie, a cap and a pair of socks might suffice, but during the winter, you will want to pack up mittens and a warm wraps, as well. 


2. A personal blanket

Be sure to bring a blanket that you’ll use to keep the little one warm at night while you are still in a hospital. And what is more - wouldn’t you like to have a memorabilia to remind you of the first day you brought your baby home? 


3. Changing essentials

A newborn baby is likely to go through about 8 to 10 nappies a day, so you’ll want to pack up the bag with enough to get through the first few days at the hospital. 

The right pack of baby wipes is also imperative, as the baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. Our advice is to go for the ones made from cotton wool balls and water, or the wipes specifically made for sensitive baby skin. 


4. Muslin squares

The first few months will take a toll on your washing machine. Due to inevitable spills and drool stains, not only will you be changing your newborn every once in a while, but your clothes are bound to take a hit as well. To minimise the chances of any stains getting onto your outfit, it will be good to have muslin squares on your side, including on your hospital bag checklist. 


5. A car seat  

While this is not something that can really fit the hospital bag, parents need to choose a car seat for their newborn in order to transport them home safely. 

On the one hand, you can opt for a baby capsule designed specifically for infants up to 6 months of age. They are highly practical because they come with a stay-in-car base and a capsule which you can easily take in and out of the vehicle without waking your baby up from their nap. 

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like purchasing a new car seat after the baby outgrows the capsule, you can get a convertible car seat, suitable for newborns until they are approximately 4 years old. It can be installed both forward and rear-facing to meet the official Australian legal requirements. 


Bottom line

The hospital bag checklist doesn’t really end here. Above are only the bare essentials you need for your newborn until you arrive home where everything’s waiting for them in the nursery. A hospital bag will also be filled with numerous mummy essentials, like a hospital gown, a pair of slippers, wireless bra, a change of underwear, toiletries and such.