Baby Capsules

Of all the things you need when you have a baby, a baby capsule is probably one of the first. It can be used to get your baby home from the hospital, and continue to be used day to day to keep your baby safe and comfortable.


What is a car capsule?

Sometimes also referred to as infant carriers, a baby car capsule is a restraint that faces the rear of your vehicle. Baby capsules have carry handles, conveniently allowing you to transport your baby from your car while they are still safely strapped into their seat. 

A baby car capsule is suitable for newborn babies to approximately 6 months of age. Unlike other car seat options, infant capsules have a base that is installed into the car with a removable capsule that can easily be taken out of the car with the baby still in the capsule. It makes them a portable and convenient solution.


Our range of baby capsules are compatible with leading prams to create a travel system (with the relevant adapters - you can buy baby capsule accessories separately) to give you the ultimate in a flexible and complete solution for getting out and about with your baby. 


In addition to flexibility, newborn capsules offer the peace of mind that every parent seeks that your baby is safe and secure in their car restraint.


Do I really need a car capsule?

By Australian law, babies must be seated in a restraint in a rear-facing position until they are at least six months old. Using a baby car capsule is one of the easiest ways to do this, and also one of the safest ways to keep your baby secure while in a car. Aside from this, many parents enjoy the convenience of using a baby car capsule - there’s no need to wake your baby to move them out of the car! 


Our infant capsules offer easy portability and installation, Air Protect technology for added safety and peace of mind, breathable wicking fabric to keep baby cool in the capsule, narrow width to accommodate multiple car seats in the back seat of the car and other advanced features such as a multi-functional canopy.


You will find our range of infant capsules below.

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  1. Maxi Cosi Mico Plus Spare Base ISO
    Take the hassle out of travel for families with two cars. Parents can use the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus Base in a second vehicle and easily transfer any existing Maxi Cosi Mico Plus baby capsule smoothly from car to car.
  2. Mico Newborn Baby Capsule with Air Protect Granite
    Maxi-Cosi Mico Newborn Baby Capsule, Australia’s most compatible infant capsule, creates a Travel System with leading Stroller brands. (Strollers & adaptors sold separately).
    $399.00 $529.00

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4 reasons why a baby capsule is a must have

4 reasons why a baby capsule is a must have

If you are considering whether a baby capsule is right for you, these features might help you make the decision…

No need to wake the sleeping baby

The movement of the car so often makes baby fall asleep… and then good luck to you to keep them sleeping when you try to get them out of the car!

But when you have a baby capsule installed and baby falls asleep, you can simply unclip the baby capsule and away you go.

A capsule is a definite plus for parents who do lots of car travel with baby in the car, especially if you do lots of shorter trips.


Avoid wet weather

If you are heading out with a baby in wet weather it is near impossible to stay completely dry while getting them in and out of the car. With a baby capsule, you can grab the capsule and avoid having to stand too long in the rain while you unbuckle harnesses.

You can hold the umbrella in one hand and carry the capsule in the other, keeping you and baby dry in the process.

The Mico Limited Edition Newborn Baby Capsule includes a canopy to add further protection from the elements.


Hands free for older siblings

If you have older children, a baby car capsule helps you juggle all of your little people with hands free.

With school and daycare drop offs, sports practice and the general run around you do with kids, getting baby in and out of the car each time is a nightmare… and really quite time consuming.

In a baby capsule, you can simply remove the capsule at each stop and click it back in when you are ready to go again. You don’t need to fiddle with a baby carrier or trying to balance the baby in your arms while you tend to the other kids.


Flexibility for getting out and about

We’ve already covered that infant capsules are highly portable and great for keeping hands free when you have older kids, but baby capsules are also really adaptable.

With the right accessories, you can connect your baby capsule to your pram so you can get out and about easily and without much fuss. If baby is sleeping, you don’t need to transfer them into the pram and likewise if you just need to duck to the shops to get a few things.

When you have an infant, it’s really just about making life as easy for yourself as possible… and a baby capsule is the ultimate tool to do so.


Baby Capsule FAQs

Do babies need a capsule?

A baby car capsule can certainly make your life a lot easier! Aside from its convenience and portability, a baby capsule can be the difference between ducking out to the shops quickly or a full-day trip for bread and milk. If you live a busy lifestyle, a baby car capsule may be just what you need. Looking for an option for cheap baby capsules? We also offer convenient baby capsule hire within Australia.

What is the difference between a baby capsule and a car seat?

Baby capsules are portable, so you can move your baby safely in and out of the car, whereas a car seat is solely for use in your vehicle. It is recommended that babies do not remain in a capsule for too long, as this can negatively affect their body. For longer car rides, a car seat is ideal. Car seats can be used for a much longer period of time, generally from six months onwards, until the child outgrows the seat. Babies generally outgrow their capsules by the time they reach six months of age.

Can you use a capsule as a car seat?

Car capsules come with the added benefit of safely restraining your baby while you drive, with simple systems designed so you can install the capsule into the back seat of your car. However, this is not a long term solution. Once your baby outgrows their capsule, you will need to consider what car seat to purchase. 

How long can a baby sit in a capsule?

Generally, babies will outgrow their capsule by around six months of age. This varies depending on your baby’s height, and your baby may outgrow their capsule sooner or even a little later. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a baby capsule, or seek advice from a professional.

Are car capsules bad for babies?

As with all car seats, car capsules or infant seats, prolonged use is not recommended. Your baby should only remain in the car capsule while they are in the car, and the capsule should be removed as soon as you reach your destination. Car capsules are not designed to be used for long periods of time, and you should remove your baby from the capsule as soon as you arrive home.

What is the best baby capsule?

At Mother’s Choice, we have a selection of baby capsules from leading brands. If you’re unsure which baby capsule will best fit your lifestyle, get in touch with our expert team who will be more than happy to provide advice.