Convertible Car Seats

A convertible car seat offers value for families. Suitable for babies from birth through to approximately four years of age, convertible car seats are designed to adapt and grow with your child so they can be used in both rear facing and forward facing positions.

As a value option for budget conscious families, baby convertible car seats are the ideal choice. And given how much you use them, you want to make the right decision giving you peace of mind that your child is safe every time they get in the car.

At Mother’s Choice we have some of the best value convertible car seats on the market with features that matter most to you as a family (not all features are available in all convertible car seats):

  • Air Protect technology for added peace of mind and safety
  • Options for extended rearward facing up to approximately 30 months
  • Breathable wicking fabric to keep your child cool
  • Compact and narrow seat sizes to accommodate multiple seats in the back seat of the car
  • Easily adjustable harnesses and headrests
  • ISOFIX compatible installation options
  • In-built rebound bar for easy installation
  • Multiple forward-facing recline positions
  • Larger seating depths for a more comfortable ride
  • Plush infant inserts
  • Removable and washable covers
  • Harness pads for added comfort

You can view our full range of baby convertible car seat options below to compare features and find the right seat for your child. We pride ourselves on offering the best convertible car seats to our customers.

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  1. Charm Convertible Car Seat
    The Charm convertible car seat is suitable in reward facing from newborn to approximately 6 months of age or until the infant's shoulder meets the lower height markers. This car seat can be used in the forward-facing position from approximately 6 months of age to approximately 4 years of age or until the child’s shoulders reach the top shoulder height markers. 
  2. Nurture Convertible Car Seat
    The nurture convertible car seat is exclusive to Target. It features an inbuilt rebound bar design that makes rear-ward facing installation a breeze. This baby car seat will grow with your newborn baby till he or she turns approximately 4 years old. It also features one handed 3 position recline for your baby’s comfort, one step easy base set-up for rearward-facing installation, crotch buckle pad for added comfort and so much more.
  3. Accord AP Convertible Car seat
    A compact convertible car seat that ticks all the boxes for safety, comfort and convenience, meet the Mother's Choice accord AP. The Mother's Choice accord AP convertible car seat is specifically designed with your most precious cargo at heart. Suitable for newborn through to approximately 4 years of age, or until your child’s shoulder reaches the upper height marker.
  4. Serenity Convertible Car Seat
    The Serenity convertible car seat is suitable from birth to approximately 4 years of age. This car seat can be used in reward-facing position from newborn to approximately 1 year of age or until bubs shoulder meets the lower height marker. Some of the features include easy installation with built-in rebound bar, compact design to accommodate growing families and fuss free removable machine washable covers.

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Convertible car seat height markers explained

How do you know if your child has outgrown their convertible car seat? Or when is it time to turn from rear to forward facing? Convertible car seats have a handy tool built into them to help you determine this… height markers! Here is everything you need to know.

What are height markers?

Each convertible car seat has height markers that indicate when your child has either outgrown their seat altogether or when they have outgrown the rear-facing position of the seat.

It is a legal requirement that these height markers are sewn into every restraint. For convertible car seats, these height markers take the guesswork out of knowing if your child fits in their car seat.

Convertible Car seats that allow for extended rear-ward facing have an additional height marker on the seat. It is positioned in the middle of the first and the exit height marker.  

How do you use them?

It’s very simple really… when your child is sitting in their convertible car seat, check where their shoulders are in relation to the height markers. In a convertible car seat that allows for rearward-facing till approximately 6 months, there will be two height markers - one for when to turn from rear-facing position to the forward facing position, and one for the exit marker.

If your child is using this type of convertible car seat when in the rear facing position, ensure that the top of their shoulders do not exceed the rear-facing height marker. Likewise, if they are sitting in a forward facing position, ensure the top of their shoulders do not exceed the top of the forward facing height marker.

If you decided to buy a convertible car seat that allows for extended rear-ward facing, the first height marker indicates when the car seat can be turned around, but you have the option to l choose to keep your baby rear-ward facing for longer up till the middle height marker to indicate the maximum height that your baby can be kept rear-ward facing before you ultimately have to turn their seat forward-facing. It is worth noting that your child’s car seat can be turned around anytime after they grow above the first height marker and are still below the middle height marker.

In the forward-facing position, when their shoulders exceed the last height marker it is time for a new seat.

Why do different convertible car seats have different height markers?

Height markers in convertible car seats follow an Australian standard. The height markers will either be set for 6 months, or 12 months and 30 months to turn the seat into a forward-facing position till approximately 4 years of age. When you purchase your convertible car seat, this will be indicated clearly as to what age the seat is suitable for.

Height markers are there to help make sure you are using your convertible car seat safely. They are very simple and straightforward to use and a great tool for ensuring your child is sitting in the correct position and seat for them.