How to save for the big baby items

Pregnancy is such an exciting time. Those first weeks when you are carrying around a secret that no one else in the world knows about. The joy of feeling your baby moving inside you, knowing that soon enough you will be holding them in your arms. The sleepless nights spend pondering who your baby will look like and what their personality will be.

And then there is the cost of having a baby. It is unavoidable. Between nappies and wipes, nursery furniture, clothes, and all the other essentials the costs really do add up. And while you are on maternity leave and possibly down to one income, those expenses can really hurt.

But there are a few things you can do - especially when it comes to the big baby items such as the convertible car seat, cot, etc. - to help you save money without the pinch!

Start with a list

The list of things you could possibly buy when you have a baby is endless. It is easy to get carried away with all of the extras… but do you really need them?

The best thing to do is to start with a list of what you really need for your baby. On your list you could have two columns - need and want. One the need side would be things like a convertible car seat, pram, cot or bassinet, nappies, onesies etc. - all the things you will absolutely need for when the baby arrives. On the want side, you can add any items that you don’t necessarily need for baby but would really like to have.

The next step is to do your research, find prices and work out how much you will need to save.

You don’t need everything straight away

Newborn babies actually require very little. They need somewhere to sleep, breastmilk or formula to drink, nappies, clothes and a car seat to take them home from the hospital. That is on a very basic level… but as babies get older, the things they need increase as you start feeding them solids and introduce new toys to help with their development.

When you have made your list, have a think about what you will need before baby arrives and what can perhaps wait for six or even twelve months down the track. This helps you to plan your budget so you know when certain baby expenses will hit.

Also, remember that you will likely have friends and family give you gifts for your baby. You might like to wait to buy some things - like larger size clothing - until after your baby arrives as you might find you are given the items you need or want anyway!

Convertible car seat vs baby capsule

Your car seat is one of the first purchases you will need to make… without it, you can’t take baby home from the hospital in the car! But the question is whether you choose a convertible car seat or a baby capsule for baby’s first ride.

The answer is that it depends on you and your preferences. However, if saving money is a concern, a convertible car seat is an ideal option. 

While you can’t move a convertible car seat in and out of the car like you can with a baby capsule, a convertible car seat can be used from newborn through to four years of age so you will be able to use it for much longer than you will a baby capsule.

At Mother’s Choice, we offer incredible value on our range of convertible car seats. Our range includes features such as:

  • Wicking fabric to draw moisture away from your baby to keep them cool
  • Easy to use, adjustable headrests
  • AirProtectTM superior side impact protection to protect your baby’s head in the event of a side impact collision
  • Multiple recline positions for baby’s comfort
  • Removable and washable covers

Save money by buying second-hand

If you are willing to wait and look around, you can find some amazing bargains by buying second-hand baby products on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Gumtree.

However, there are some cautions to buying second-hand baby products. If you are buying a second-hand convertible car seat you can’t be sure if it has been an accident and therefore unsafe for you to use. Buying a new car seat gives you peace of mind that you have a safe product for your baby.

So while there are some items that you ideally shouldn’t purchase second-hand, you can certainly pick up clothes, books and the like at prices much lower than retail to save you some money.

Don’t wait until the last minute

Yes, it can be quite overwhelming to think of all the things you need to do and buy before baby arrives… but the longer you leave it, the harder it will be.

And that’s why you start with a list. Be very clear on what you need and gradually tick items off the list. If you start early you will have a better chance of finding the items that you want to purchase at a better price.

By leaving all of your purchases to the last minute, you may not have enough money and also may not be able to get exactly what you want for baby. And remember, not all babies arrive on their due date - in fact, the majority don’t - so get that convertible car seat installed early and the bassinet assembled well ahead of time so you don’t have to organise it all from your hospital room with a new baby in your arms.

Quality at the right price

We understand the excitement and joy of pregnancy and bringing a baby home… and we also understand that it can be a costly time for families. Our philosophy at Mother’s Choice is to offer parents a quality range that they can rely on, at an affordable price… and that is exactly what we have been doing for more than 45 years.