How to choose the right baby stroller by age

The world of baby strollers can be quite daunting for new parents. Do you go with a three-wheeler or a four-wheeler? How big should the basket be? Why does the pram need to lie flat? How do you even unfold the pram once you bring it home??

We are here to help with our handy guide to choose the right baby stroller by age. Whether you are starting out with your first stroller for your new baby or looking for something to carry you through the toddler years, we’ve got the guide to help.

This guide is divided by age because kids of different ages need different things. You can either use it to choose a pram for an older child or to assess your needs early on and buy a pram that will carry you through our your pram-pushing years. 


Let’s face it, you aren’t ever going to use a stroller as much as you will when you have a newborn. With the right baby stroller, you and your baby are unstoppable… until you need to break for a feed or a nappy change!

When you are buying a stroller for a newborn, there are three key features to look for:

  1. Multiple position recline - a newborn baby should be in a lie-flat position in their stroller. The Ella umbrella stroller, Grace stroller, Nook compact newborn stroller and Envy 4 wheel newborn stroller all fit the bill! Another option is a pram with a bassinet seat attachment such as the Haven comfort stroller
  2. A large storage basket - it’s amazing how much you need to carry with you when you go out with your baby - for such tiny people, they sure do come with a lot of baggage! Ample storage is a must… especially if you don’t want to be lugging everything around on your shoulder! The Haven comfort stroller has a large basket with a 5kg capacity - that would do the job!
  3. A canopy with a viewing window - we know you can’t tear your eyes away from your adorable baby, we wouldn’t either if we had a newborn, and having a pram with a viewing window means you can always have eyes on them, even with the canopy closed. You will find that in any of our strollers.

6-18 months

It is around this time that your baby will start to make a move! Whether they are rolling, crawling or walking, you can no longer just put them down and expect to still find them there when you come back!

That’s why your pram is so important at this stage. They will still be using the pram a lot when you are out and about… and you need something that will keep them secure and engaged. It is also around this time that your baby can start to experience separation anxiety if they can’t see you.

A baby stroller like the Haven comfort stroller is perfect for helping ease this separation. With the Haven, you can turn the seat around to a parent-facing mode so baby can always see you from the pram. The extra-large basket also allows you to carry a few extra toys that can help keep your little one in the seat for longer.

2-4 years

The joys of the toddler years when they have mastered walking… and are now onto running. And run they will, whenever they get the chance! 

As your child starts to reach the toddler years, especially the later toddler years, you will probably notice that you are using the pram less and less. But when you need one, you really need one. 

At this age, a lightweight, umbrella or compact folding stroller, such as the Ella umbrella stroller, will suit you perfectly. You are ideally looking for a baby stroller that you can keep in your car boot or near the front door to grab and go when you need. The Nook compact lightweight stroller is another compact option and the lightest stroller in our range.  

At this age, your toddler might still have a day sleep, and a pram can be your saviour when it comes to nap time while you are out and about. A multi-position recline, so your little can sleep reclined rather than completely upright, is another feature to look for, and one you will find in all of our Mother’s Choice baby strollers. 

Baby number two

Depending on the age of your first child, when you welcome baby number two, it can mean that you need a new stroller to accommodate both of your kids. As much as we know you are super mum, pushing two strollers isn’t going to happen!

As a second-time mum, the Envy 4 wheel stroller is the answer to your prayers. It can accommodate two children with a bassinet for a baby and a seat for a toddler, or even two seats if you have twins. Overall, Envy is perfect for a second-time mum with a large shopping basket, adjustable handle, 5-point harness and up to 19 different seating combinations. 

Given how much you will use your pram in the first four years of parenthood (and beyond if you have more than one child) it’s important to make the right decision. This guide on choosing the right stroller for your family’s lifestyle or how to choose your first stroller also might help in making the decision. 

When choosing Mother’s Choice, you can be sure that you are keeping your baby in safe hands. Our strollers and car seats have been trusted by Australian parents for more than four decades. And for good reason. Our range is driven by practical features, safety and affordability. 

So when it comes to choosing the right baby stroller for your bundle (or bundles) of joy, no matter if they are a newborn baby or a rambunctious toddler, look to Mother’s Choice for products that are tried and tested to get you and your little one around in comfort.