Choosing The Best Stroller For Your Family’s Lifestyle

Choosing the best stroller for your family’s lifestyle is a big decision and sometimes one that can be confusing, especially to new parents. The sheer amount of baby strollers and prams on the market these days, each with their own features and benefits, can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It can take the fun out of one of your first big baby purchases.

If this is your first time buying a stroller, you might have already asked parenting friends for their advice or tips. Or perhaps you’ve been eyeing up which stroller models the local parents are pushing around? The thing is, what works for one family might not work for another and that’s because we all have different needs and priorities.

We’re going to break down the key considerations when purchasing a stroller to help you make the right choice for your family. Our babies are different too!

What to look for when buying a Stroller

Before you take the leap to buying a stroller, you should consider the reasons for your purchase and the specific occasions that you will be using the stroller for.

It might be your first baby stroller or a new addition to your collection.

Taking some time to think about when and how you will use your new stroller will help you to define the exact model that will suit your needs. Plus, it will help to take away some of the overwhelming choices when faced with all of the stroller options on the market.

Before hitting the shops, consider these points first:

  • Do you need newborn suitability
  • Your baby’s age and weight
  • When you will use the stroller
  • Where you will use it
  • What your budget is
  • The features you require
  • How long you plan to use it for
  • Where you will store it
  • How frequently you will use it
  • Who will be using the stroller
  • If the stroller’s weight is a factor
  • If it needs a storage basket or other accessories
  • If it needs to convert to a travel system with adaptors and a capsule for your car
  • How easily it folds
  • How compact is the fold

While the choices of prams and strollers on the market can be overwhelming and confusing, it’s actually a good thing to have this level of choice. It’s easy though to be swayed by trends or big brand names but they might not be the right model for you.

Narrowing down the stroller features that your family needs is key to making the right decision. There will be a stroller that suits your family’s particular needs and lifestyle and taking the time upfront to consider what those might be will save you time when purchasing and lessen the risk of you making the wrong choice.

Plus, one size doesn’t fit all. A coffee holder on the stroller might be make or break for one mum whilst one-handed steering might be deal-maker or breaker for another! It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of what ‘everyone else’ is doing but don’t lose sight of what your family needs. This important purchase is going to be the mobile home that carries your precious cargo - and as you are the driver, it needs to work for you too.

The Different Types of Strollers

3 Wheel Strollers

Three wheel strollers, sometimes called ‘all terrain strollers’, are the accessory of choice for many active parents. They can make going on rough terrain, while pushing your baby, a breeze. Bear in mind that their wheels, whilst great for differing terrains, need to be larger so the fold will be less compact than a smaller wheel stroller.The Mother’s Choice Flux Stroller is the choice of many parents who love to be outdoors. This budget-friendly stroller allows your little one to fully recline flat and has an extra-large UPF50+ canopy to protect them in all weather conditions. It’s a durable stroller with large, air-filled wheels for a smooth ride and a front swivel wheel for easy turning.

4 Wheel Strollers

Four wheel strollers that are lighter are often easier to fold and store, with large baskets underneath to store nappy bags, feeding accessories or groceries. Parents who travel a bit by car or public transport rate strollers that can fold down quickly and easily, such as the Mother’s Choice Grace Stroller. It’s a comfortable and easy-to-navigate model that’s also lightweight and compact, making it appealing to families who have limited space at home too.

The Haven Stroller can be used from birth as it allows your baby to lay flat in the bassinet fixture. As they grow, you can choose to face them to you or the world, making it the choice for many parents who are looking for a stroller that grows with their child.

Umbrella Strollers

An umbrella stroller could be the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a lightweight, space-saving model. They’re often lighter on the budget too. If being lightweight and compact is at the top of your stroller wish list, the Ella Stroller has you covered. With its multiple position recline, it’s suitable for newborns to children weighing 17kgs (approx 4 years) and is perfect for parents on the go.

As their baby gets older, many parents downsize to an umbrella stroller that often ‘lives’ in the car boot or hallway. It’s the perfect choice for nipping to the shops or for a quick trip out. Simply unfold and go!

Try before you buy

When you’ve considered all of the different ways your new stroller will fit into your family’s lifestyle, you might try one final check. Heading into store and taking your prospective stroller for a ‘test drive’ can really help solidify if it’s going to work for you.

Many mums trust the recommendations of their parent friends so why not ask them if you can take their stroller for a spin to test it out?

How to Choose the Right Stroller

Finding the right stroller for your family’s needs doesn’t need to be overwhelming. It’s all about working out what your family really needs and making sure to only consider strollers that offer those features.

You can compare the features and benefits of the Mother’s Choice range of strollers here.