Benefits of using a baby capsule

Imagine that there was one product that would make getting out and about with your new baby easier.

Allow us to introduce you to…the baby capsule! There’s a reason why baby capsules are at the top of so many new parents' wish lists.

The benefits of using a baby capsule are vast and can really help a busy new parent save time, money and make life a lot easier during the first months of parenthood.

Let’s face it, leaving the house with a new baby can be daunting in the early days, especially when it comes to keeping them safe, secure (and asleep!).

In this guide, we’re sharing what these benefits are, to help you to decide if a baby capsule might make your life easier too.

First, what is a baby capsule?

A baby capsule is a car seat for infants aged newborn to approx. 6 months of age, depending on their size. 

They’re a comfortable and secure seat for your new baby to travel in with harnesses to keep them safe.

All baby capsules can also be attached to strollers, with the use of adaptors. This creates a Travel System to make life with a newborn even more convenient. We share more about this below.

Capsules are installed either with the aid of an ISOFIX base or belt system.

An ISOFIX base anchors the base to the car seat. It’s easy to install and remove the base from the car, as the need for it arises, and the capsule clips on top of the base.

A capsule installed with a belt system means the capsule base is installed securely using the car seat belt. Again, the capsule will click onto the base.

What are the benefits of baby capsules?

Better peace of mind

Let’s start from day one. On the day you first bring baby home from the hospital, there’s a lot running through your mind and a big part of this is the actual journey home.

You’ll want to ensure you’re transporting them in the safest and most comfortable method possible.

Capsules are rear-facing and help to keep your new baby snug and secure as they travel home.

The result? Peace of mind for new parents as they begin their journey into new parenthood. When you know that your newborn is comfortable and secure, you’re then free to focus on a safe drive home to start your life with your new family member.

Increased flexibility

Unlike car seats, baby capsules click onto a base that is installed into the car. The base stays put but the capsule itself can be moved in and out of the vehicle when needed.

You may choose to always keep the capsule in the car, fixed on to the base but the option is there for you to remove the capsule whenever you want to.

A baby capsule that can be easily removed from the car gives you so much flexibility in your busy life.

For families with more than one car, this makes life easy. With the addition of a second base, parents can transfer the capsule between vehicles when needed.

Many baby strollers also have the option to hold a baby capsule too. With the help of adapters, you can transfer the capsule to your pram when out and about to make your life even easier. Check the specifications of your stroller to see if it can accommodate a baby capsule with adapters.

Our Mico Newborn Baby Capsule is Australia’s most compatible infant capsule, creating a Travel System with leading stroller brands.

This popular baby capsule has a canopy that provides your baby with rain protection as well as helping to shield them from the sun’s rays.

If you’re looking for a stroller that can accommodate a baby capsule, check out our range of strollers here and the adaptors here.

Convenience and comfort

Having the ability to easily transfer your baby between the house, pram and car when they’re asleep is a big plus for parents. Rather than risk waking your baby, they can stay cosy and snoozing while you take them where they need to be.

Now that’s a big ‘win’ for all parents! If your baby has a nap and sleep schedule, this helps keep that in place without disrupting your day and getting things done.

Moving your baby from the house to the car in wet weather is also a common challenge for parents. A baby capsule helps this situation hugely by speeding up the process and helping to keep them dry.

By securing your baby into the capsule in the house, you can then grab the capsule, head outside and quickly clip them into the car with little fuss. Less chance of them (and you!) getting wet as you hold an umbrella in one hand and the capsule in the other.

Our Mico Limited Edition Newborn Baby Capsule also has a canopy that adds further protection from the elements.

Saving money

The benefit of being able to move a baby capsule between vehicles reduces the need to buy multiple seats.

In fact, you might decide to buy just a base for each of your family cars and use one baby capsule between them all.

If a grandparent or other carer regularly looks after your child, a capsule base in their car would make their life easier too and save on the cost of buying a full car seat in the early months.

For a practical, safe and comfortable way for your baby to travel, a baby capsule might fit the bill.

The Mother’s Choice range of baby capsules offer easy portability and installation as well as Air Protect technology for added safety and peace of mind.

They have breathable wicking fabric to keep your baby cool while they’re in the capsule, a narrow width to accommodate multiple car seats in the back seat of the car and other advanced features such as a multi-functional canopy.

Now that you know more about the benefits of baby capsules, you can find out more about our range of baby capsules here.