How to make getting out with your baby easier

In the early weeks of being a new parent, much of that time is spent at home. You’ll be enjoying snuggles with your newborn, taking the time to recover and slowly easing yourself into your new normal.

Then, as cabin fever sets in, the time will come where venturing outdoors is the next milestone to tackle.

It should be easy, right? Popping your baby into the stroller and leaving the house. In reality, those first few times when you go out with your new baby can be a bit more of an unexpected challenge.

You might be asking questions like:

What should you take?

Where should you go?

And, how did the other mums make it look so much easier than this?

Getting out and about with your baby can be easy and the benefits to both of you are vast. Fresh air, a little light exercise and perhaps even a conversation with another adult will work wonders for you.

Your little one will also benefit from taking in their new surroundings outside of the house.

So, how can you make getting out with your baby easier? It’s all about planning.

Pre-kids, you might simply throw on a coat and walk out the door but now, there are a few more things to take along with you when you venture outside with your baby.

1.       How will your baby travel?

This will depend on where you’re going. For a quick trip to the local post office or a walk around the mall, strapping on a baby carrier can be a comfortable and safe place for babies.

The added benefit of baby-wearing is that you’ll be ‘hands-free’ so can go about your day getting things done while carrying your baby at the same time.

The Mother’s Choice Cub baby carrier is great for babies from newborn to 14.5kgs in weight. It’s a soft yet supportive carrier that will keep your baby snug and close while you’re out on errands.

If you’re going for a walk around where you live, to meet mum friends or to the local park, your stroller will help make your travels easier.

As well as being a comfortable seat for your baby to travel in, you can store your nappy bag and any other essential items or shopping in the basket below.

For mums who are getting back into fitness postpartum, a 3-wheel stroller such as the Flux makes this so much easier.

With an extra-large canopy that protects babies in all weather conditions, this stroller also has air tyres for a smooth ride on all terrains.

Many strollers, such as the Flux, also allow babies to recline back into a flat position.

By timing your travels with your baby’s usual nap time, they can happily drift off as you get things done on-the-go.

2.       What will you take with you?

As mentioned, many strollers have a basket below that is a great place to store your nappy bag. But what should be in that nappy bag?

Depending on how long you’ll be away from home for, you might want to pack:

  • Nappies
  • Nappy sacks
  • Wipes
  • Changes of clothes
  • Bottles
  • Blankets
  • Dummies
  • Baby carrier
  • Snacks (for older babies)

If you happen to forget anything, it’s likely that you can manage without it, head to a local shop or even ask another mum with a baby nearby if they can help you out!

A stroller toy, to attach to the stroller, that can catch your baby’s attention is also a great idea, such as our Thomas Jitter Teether Baby Toy.

It’s a cute and colourful toy that easily clips on to your stroller and stimulates baby’s senses, also helping to develop fine motor skills.

If you’re heading out to run errands, this toy might help to distract your baby a little to make getting things done easier and stress-free!

It’s tempting to take too much ‘just in case’ but over time, you’ll start to understand what to pack in your nappy bag to make your trip out easy – and what can be left at home.

When you arrive home from your day out, repack the nappy bag with anything you’ve used that day. This will make getting out next time even quicker and your future self will thank you!

There are stroller accessories that can make your trip easier too, such as a cup holder to keep your coffee secure while you’re pushing the pram.

Our Organiser Clip is a handy addition to prams and strollers. It’s a durable and lightweight clip that can help to secure additional bags to toys so you can keep your hands free to steer.

This clip can also be your best friend at the supermarket, allowing you to clip your nappy bag to the trolley.

3.       It’s all about timing

When you choose to head out can make all the difference and as mentioned, timing your walk with your baby’s typical nap time might work for you.

Of course, if you’re heading out to a play-date or a medical appointment with your baby, it’s better to do that in times they’re awake.

If they’re happy, comfortable and fed, this is a great start to make getting outside with them quicker and easier.

For ideas on where to take your baby, why not try:

  • A playdate with mum friends
  • Walking to the local park
  • A family picnic
  • A few hours of errands or appointments that you can combine into one trip
  • Swimming lessons for you and your baby
  • A trip to the zoo or local farm

Taking a few moments to get organised before you leave the house makes all the difference in saving you time before you leave and giving you the confidence that you have everything you need.

After the first few trips, you’ll soon get into a routine that works for you and you’ll get into the swing of grabbing what you need and heading out the door in no time.

There are so many benefits of going for a walk with your baby too that the more you get out, the more you’ll want to keep doing it!