Baby gift ideas for new grandparents

Whether you’re welcoming your very first grandchild into the fold or celebrating the arrival of a new baby to your current brood, this is a magical time for the whole family!

You’ll be eager to lend a hand and help out the new parents when you can. But what about gifts?

When it comes to buying baby gifts, we know that grandparents want to make it extra special.

You’re seeking timeless and memorable gifts that will be well-loved.

From personalised gift ideas that your grandchild can keep for years to come – or useful and practical presents that will make the new parent’s lives easier. There is so much to choose from and we know that you want to spend a little time getting it right.

However, it can be tricky to choose the perfect gift for your new grandbaby and we know you put a lot of thought into it.

In this guide, we’re sharing some beautiful ideas for new baby gifts that are ideal to come from grandparents.

So, whether you’re looking for fun, magical or practical gifts, we’re here to help.

Fun and colourful play mats

Play gyms and playmats are ideal ideas for gifts that will occupy a baby and also help in their development.

Many are designed to help progress cognition, emotional intelligence, fine and gross motor skills.

As well as aiding development, these clever toys help to spark the imagination of babies, even when they’re very young.

A baby play mat, such as our Meadow Days mat, features lights, sounds and music to stimulate baby and encourage the development of language, communication and cognition.

Parents can even record sweet messages to play for their baby to help them relax as they discover their new surroundings.

Musical mobiles

Mobiles and music players are a popular idea that will delight your new grandbaby for many, many months.

Our Tiny Princess Tales Soothe N Groove Baby Mobile grows with babies as it converts from a cot mobile to a standalone portable music box.

This can then be moved around the house, wherever baby is, or even on a trip to your house while you’re enjoying their company there!

Sticking with the musical theme, a great gift to take entertainment on-the-go is our Tiny Princess Butterfly Stroller Arch.

It’s a bright and colourful baby stroller arch packed with baby-activated toys that will keep them occupied and happy while their mum or dad goes about the day, running errands.

Our Into the Forest Arch is another unique, musical stroller arch. The electronic bird toy plays four different tunes and can be activated by baby to inspire and engage them on the go!

Soothing night lights

Sleep is highest on the agenda for many new parents – but can be kicking around the bottom of the list for newborns!

Gifts that encourage relaxation and sleep for new babies will always be very well-received from parents and they will be delighted at your thoughtfulness.

Our Into the Forest Tiny Dreamer Baby Projector Soother is a beautiful gift idea that will soothe and entertain a new baby at sleep-time and give tired new parents a reprieve.

It features three modes of use: as a soothing nightlight, a starlight projector-soother and a take-along lantern. So, the Tiny Dreamer is the perfect nighttime companion that goes the distance for babies and parents alike!

Health care essentials

Stocking up on health and safety products for new babies can be confusing for first-time parents. There are so many options to choose from and they can be unsure what is actually necessary.

Help them out by gifting them our Welcome Baby Nursery Collection Kit – which has many health care eventualities covered!

This clever kit is stocked with all the essential baby care items in a quick trip nappy bag.

Health care, grooming and travel items from a thermometer, first toothbrush, hairbrush, nail clippers and changing mat is included to make a new parent’s first few months much easier.

If you’re caring for your grandbaby often in your home, this kit would make a great addition to your own medical cabinet and give you the assurance that you have everything you need.

Something useful and practical

If you’re want to contribute a bigger item to the new family, why not consider investing in their first baby capsule, rocker or bouncer.

Not only are these useful and practical gifts, they will also help to take some of the strain off the new family’s budget – which has probably taken quite a hit since their new baby arrived.

These are also items that are ideal to have in your own home, if your new grandbaby will be a frequent visitor.

Our Baby 3 in 1 Close to Me Bouncer is compact in size with three settings to entertain a little one. It can be switched between three modes of use: high position, bouncer and soothing mode to keeping you and your grandbaby close and at eye level.

You can also opt for our 3 in 1 Rocker Napper which gives baby a place to play, relax and even nap!

Finally, our Mico Capsule is the ultimate in safe and comfortable travel for a new baby.

Capsules are a wonderful investment as they can be moved between vehicles or attached to suitable travel systems to make getting out and about with a baby a breeze.

If you’ll be caring for your new grandbaby often, it’s well worth considering investing in a capsule to keep at your house.

The Maxi-Cosi Limited Edition Mico AP baby capsule is Australia's most popular baby capsule that features our new water resistant multi-functional canopy, providing baby with the ultimate sun and rain protection and additional ventilation on warm days.

So, when you’re pushing your new grandchild to the park, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that they are protected from the elements.

It’s also suitable for babies from newborn to six months of age, making this gift idea one that will last for many months to come.

We hope our guide has given you some inspiration for choosing a gift for your new grandchild.

Congratulations from us on the new addition to your family!