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Welcoming a new baby is such a wonderful time and whether you are going to a baby shower, gender reveal party or just want newborn baby gifts, at Mother’s Choice we have a gorgeous range of baby gifts that are practical and suit a range of budgets.

Stroller toys make wonderful baby gifts because they are affordable and something that the baby will use regularly. Another practical and lower cost gift is a grooming or healthcare kit that will include everything from thermometers to baby nail clippers, hair brushes and more. All items that will be used regularly. 

A cot mobile is another popular baby gift and at Mother’s Choice we have a range of mobiles all designed to engage and entertain baby. Ideal for hanging off the cot or change table, mobiles can also help with soothing baby at bedtime or nappy change time so it is a versatile gift that will be very useful. 

For those with a larger budget, helping out the parents-to-be with some of the bigger ticket items such as rockers, bouncers and baby playmats, is such an amazing gift to give. Baby playmats support baby's continued growth and development, it offers baby plenty of fun and stimulation. Additionally, our range of rockers and bouncers are stylish and functional - a busy parent’s best friend to keep baby engaged during playtime. 

At Mother’s Choice, we know parents and our range reflects this. You can rest assured that your baby gifts from Mother’s Choice will be well used and loved.

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  1. Cub Baby Carrier
    The infant carrier can be used as a front and backpack carrier with lumbar support. The Cub baby carrier is suitable for newborn to 14.5kg. The soft structure of the baby carrier ensures proper head and neck support and does not require a newborn infant insert. The infant carrier can be used in following carrier facing options: Front inward facing Front forward-facing Backpack
  2. Accord AP Convertible Car Seat
    A compact convertible car seat that ticks all the boxes for safety, comfort and convenience, meet the Mother's Choice accord AP. The Mother's Choice accord AP convertible car seat is specifically designed with your most precious cargo at heart. Suitable for newborn through to approximately 4 years of age, or until your child’s shoulder reaches the upper height marker.
  3. Baby 3 in 1 Close To Me Bouncer
    Easily shifts through 3 modes of use: high position, bouncer and soothing mode, keeping you and your baby close and at eye level to encourage exploration and bonding.
  4. Baby 3 In 1 Rocker Napper Denim
    Baby Rocker Napper with soothing movements rock your baby in all 3 reclining positions. Easily converts into comfy napper.
    $169.00 $189.95
  5. Baby 3 in 1 Rocker Napper Turquoise/Grey
    Baby Rocker Napper with soothing movements rock your baby in all 3 reclining positions. Easily converts into comfy napper.
  6. Baby Cozy Rocker Napper
    Baby Rocker Napper with soothing movements rock your baby in all 3 reclining positions. Easily converts into comfy napper.
  7. Baby 2 in 1 Natures Way Bounce And Sway
    Innovative dual motion wire-free bouncer that offers the perfect combination of soothing sways and entertaining bounces, creating a unique experience that envelops baby in a natural environment that supports development.
  8. Musical Stack & Ball Game
    Baby activated electronic toy that suites multiple developmental stages.
  9. Dual Motion Developmental Baby Mobile
    Peek-a-boo Baby mobile suitable from birth to 24 months with innovative hide-and-seek developmental motion.
  10. Into The Forest Classic Baby Mobile
    Uniquely designed mobile with engaging black and white spirals that stimulate baby's visual cognition. Features: Universal clip, Folding wings, Rattle bird, Wind chime, Spiral rattle, Apple mirror.
  11. Tiny Friends Lullaby Baby Mobile
    Baby Mobile with a soft design and features that gently encourage the development of baby's senses.
  12. Tiny Princess Tales Soothe N Groove Baby Mobile
    Mobile grows with your baby converting from crib mobile to a stand-alone portable music box that babies can take wherever they go.
  13. Meadow Days Take Along Baby Mobile
    Adorable Baby Mobile toy that gives baby a sense of familiarity while on-the-go. The familiar soothing music and steady movement create an atmosphere that stimulates baby and reassures.
  14. Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Mat, Baby Activity Playmat, Fast Delivery
    Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Mat, Baby Playmat Developmental playground of wonder and discovery. A Super Mat for super fun!
  15. Baby Playmat Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini
    Electronic recording bird toy with lights and music feedback stimulates baby and encourages the development of language, communication and cognition, allowing parents to record sweet messages for a younger baby, and for toddlers to record themselves.
  16. Tiny Love Into The Forest Musical Nature Stroll Stroller Arch Baby Toy, Fast Delivery
    Tiny Love unique stroller arch with musical electronic toy. Inspiration and engagement on the go! Part of the Into the Forest collection! Sharing those special Moments of Wonder with baby.
  17. Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch Baby Toy, Dast Delivery
    Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroller Arch Baby Toy, the perfect Pram Accessory with your Meadow Days friends.
  18. Spin N Kick Discovery Stroller Arch
    Reinforces self-discovery and cognitive development with a wide selection of fun features and toys: rotating rattling paddles, crinkly peek-a-boo book, puppy rattle and more.
  19. Tiny Princess Butterfly Stroller Arch
    Colourful Baby stroller arch with baby-activated toys.
  20. Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch Baby Toy, Fast Delivery
    Tiny Love's imaginative selection of colourful activity arches that turn stroller-time into a fun and stimulating time for your baby. Entertainment & development everywhere you go. Part of the Tiny Princess Tales Collection. Development has never looked so adorable!
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How to choose the perfect baby shower gift

Choosing a baby shower gift is such a joy! Who wouldn’t want to buy a gift for a new baby. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing the perfect baby shower gift.

Is this their first baby?

If the person you are buying for already has other children, they probably don’t need as much as if this is their first baby. If it is their first, they will likely be starting from scratch so you will have more choice with what to buy. If you are buying for a second or third child, opt for gifts that are more practical or functional.

What is your budget?

Budget will be a huge determining factor when deciding what to buy. When it comes to a new baby it is so easy to buy all the things. But that isn’t helpful if you are on a budget. You could get an adorable stroller toy for as little as $10 or you could buy a car seat which is upwards of $400 as your baby shower gift. Know your budget and stick to it.

Can you pool your money with friends?

If you only have a small budget, perhaps pool your money with friends so that you can together buy a bigger gift. It is the thought that counts but baby shower gifts are about helping new parents with items for the new baby as much as they are about celebrating the new addition to the family. If you pool together, you can buy a larger item that the family needs while not going over your individual budget.

How much space do they have?

If the parents live in a home that is tight on space, a baby mobile that just clips onto the cot is a perfect gift as they won’t need to find a place for it. If they have more space, a rocker or bouncer will be a gift that they will use time and time again. Consider the space available, especially if you are buying larger items that require floor space.

What is their style?

Many people these days have a minimalist style, while there are others that love bright and fun colours. Whatever the style, we have baby shower gifts to suit. Whether it is a neutral baby toy or a bright play mat. Our products are loved by mums and babies alike so you will know that the gift you are buying is sure to become a firm favourite.


What is the best gift for a baby?

At Mother’s Choice, we have some great practical and stylish baby gifts. Soft by ‘position’ to view our most popular baby gifts right now. We have baby gifts under $50 and baby gifts under $100 to suit all budgets.

What is a unique baby gift?

It can be difficult to not double up with other newborn gifts that an expecting parent may receive. For something truly unique, opt for a personalised gift designed especially for baby. Practical baby shower gifts are always appreciated, such as mittens to keep baby warm or educational toys to aid in growth.

Which baby gifts could I buy for a baby shower?

If you’re attending a baby shower and don’t know the gender of the baby just yet, it can be tricky deciding what to buy. At Mother’s Choice, we stock a huge range of unisex baby gift ideas. Toys and mobiles are always a thoughtful, timeless idea that can be passed onto another baby when the time comes.

Do you give a gift when a baby is born?

If you’ve already given the new parents a baby shower gift, it’s common to ask if they would like a gift when their baby is born. Most people will choose to give a larger gift for a baby shower and a smaller, simpler gift to welcome the new baby. Some may do it the other way around and give a small gift at the baby shower, and a larger gift to pamper mum following the birth. If you choose to give a gift when a baby is born, personalised gifts with the date of birth and name are always a huge hit. Of course, it’s not necessary to give a gift when a baby is born - it’s completely up to you!

What baby gift should I buy for a Christening?

When buying a baby gift for a Christening, it’s usually a good idea to select something that can be kept as a memento. A Christening marks a milestone in the life of both the child and the parents. Crystal figurines, personalised money boxes or silver photo frames make excellent Christening baby gifts.

What are good baby gifts for a first-time mum?

For first time parents, practical baby gift ideas include outfits, baby booties or useful toys. A bottle of bubbly can also help the new parents celebrate this important milestone. Nappies, newborn baby wraps, teething toys and other essential baby items also make great gifts for new parents.

What are the best educational baby gifts?

Educational baby gifts provide stimulation and can significantly benefit the baby during their crucial development stages. Choose an educational baby gift that helps develop motor skills, or introduces the concepts of shape, colour and texture. Educational baby toys can help develop colour recognition, memory and hand-eye coordination. Select from our range of developmental toys for the best educational baby gifts.

Are baby books good gifts for a newborn?

It’s never too early to start reading to a newborn, and books that provide stimulation make great presents. Begin the tradition of bedtime stores early with baby board books and picture books with gorgeous illustrations. Although the baby can’t read just yet, colourful pictures and touch-and-feel books are a great way to begin recognising sounds and the world around them.

What are the most practical gifts for a new baby?

Clothing is one of the most practical gifts for a new baby. They’ll not only be protected from the cold with warm baby clothes, but the new parents will love dressing up their newborn in the latest fashion. Onesies, baby singlets and stylish baby outfits all make excellent gifts.

What are some nice sentimental baby gifts?

If you’re looking to give a sentimental baby gift, a keepsake gift is a great idea for baby shower gifts or to welcome a newborn. Framed prints of the baby’s hand or feet can make excellent gifts, as well as an imprint kit to capture the special stage of the baby’s life.