Top 8 pre baby must haves for the home and bag

The baby bag and nursery essentials have been specifically covered, but how about just an overall list of some absolute must haves before you’re due to give birth?

  1. Your car seat is the difference between you sitting in the maternity ward for all eternity, and zooming off home to begin life with a new life. Choose well and you'll be happy and content in the knowledge that your baby is safe and sound. It can be a big decision, so we make sure that all of our convertible car seats and baby capsules accommodate all families personal choice and budget (we even have AFL themed booster seats for the AFL die hard!). 
  2. A bassinet that is lightweight, safe and portable. Something that will fit through a doorway to freely move around the house. our Coco bassinette fits the bill on all fronts, and is absolutely stunning and whimsical (enough to take 'Pinteresty' photos of baby sleeping - only you know how long it took to get them there!?. it comes in white or tan colour for the base, includes breathable air mesh sides and is made from good quality New Zealand pine and 100% cotton.
  3. Further on from this, a travel cot that you can erect everywhere - even in your own lounge room - is a great thing to have. Travel cots are spacey and can double as a play area when your bub is smaller and you need to get some things done around the home. Our new 2 in 1 Bassinet Portacot is lightweight and fuss free, allowing you to setup in seconds out or about, and folds down into a small carrier. The difference between this portacot and any other one of the market is, it has a specially designed bassinet mattress that sits higher in the cot, just like your one at home. This is then removable for a deeper cot for either play or sleep.
  4. Versatile clothes for baby wrapping, baby wearing and baby cleaning! Cotton and bamboo are your best bet as they're gentle on skin, will wash easily and have a sight stretch to them (for wrapping etc). Baby wraps are one of those absolute necessities for the first few months of baby life, and making your life easier.
  5. Your nappy bag should hold a plethora of everything bum related. Creams, nappies, bags, wipes, change mats and everything in between. Our U Shaped Change mat is the perfect portable mat to throw in your bag and wipe down after use.
  6. Being able to see your baby as you drive is crucial, and no matter how many babies you have you'll always use a baby rear view mirror for a period of time! Since babies legally must be rear facing until at least 6 months (and up until 2 years old), being able to see their face gives great peace of mind.
  7. You may have read about breastfeeding pillows and pregnancy pillows, both of which are excellent option for new mums. At Mothers Choice, we've done you one up and combined the two into a single pillow. The pillow supports your back, bump and knees at the same time while you sleep and ultimately helps to achieve optimal foetal positioning with the bump rest, It can then easily convert into a wonderfully comfortable pillow for breast feeding support for those long night feeds.
  8. Maternity pads, large underwear, some good eye cream, a coffee machine and a subscription to Netflix. Welcome to motherhood!

Bonus tip - While you might not need to think about a highchair before you give birth, the first 4 months roll around quick and you'll be immersed in baby led weaning and purees galore. Our 3 in 1 Egg highchair takes the guess work out of it, and leads the market, functioning as a highchair, low chair and booster seat. When not being used as a high/low chair, the chair detaches from the base ad can be attached to a normal dining chair. It is designed to be used from approx 6 months to 3 years, is lightweight and has a cup holder with an easy to wipe down top.