4 Wheel Strollers

Mother’s Choice 4 wheel strollers offer families seeking a lightweight and compact pram with a range of high quality and affordable solutions. We have a variety of 4 wheel prams to suit different family lifestyle needs and budgets.

When making the decision as to which stroller is right for your family you will need to consider if you are after a 3 or 4 wheel stroller and importantly, how you intend to use the pram. If you are after an everyday stroller that you can comfortably use while out and about with your baby then a four wheel pram is a good choice. 

Some of the popular features to look for in the best 4 wheel prams include:

  • Multiple recline positions including lay flat to suit different ages from newborn and up

  • Large canopies to provide sun protection and aid in sleep by blocking light and noise

  • Easy, compact fold for storage in tight spaces or in the car boot

  • Storage baskets and pockets to accommodate shopping and allow easy access to items

  • Lightweight and easy to carry for using on public transport

  • Height adjustable handles for comfort while pushing the stroller

  • Viewing window to keep an eye on baby in the pram without opening the canopy

  • Easy steering for getting around when out and about

We offer some of the best 4 wheel prams Australia has in the market with a variety of features to cater to your lifestyle needs. You can view the complete Mother’s Choice 4 wheel stroller range below. 

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  1. Ella Umbrella Stroller
    The Ella umbrella stroller is perfect for parents to go out and about with their children. The stroller folds down to a compact umrella fold making it perfect for quick trips to the shops or family holidays.
  2. Envy 4 Wheel Newborn Stroller
    The Safety 1st Envy Stroller is a multi-function stroller with a series of optional accessories to convert your Safety 1st Envy from a single to a double stroller or a complete travel system - up to 19 different combinations. Find your nearest store of contact our Customer Service team for more information.
  3. Haven II Comfort Stroller
    The haven II is a durable and light weight 3 in 1 stroller. It converts from a lay flat bassinet to a world facing or parent facing seat for a older child. A durable stroller with lightweight frame that is both compact and easy to use.
  4. Ivy Compact Stroller
    A lightweight  stroller that is simple to fold and easy to use. Multiple recline positions makes it great for newborns as well as toddlers.
  5. Grace Stroller
    Perfect for summer strolls. The Grace features a super extension hood to protect bubs from the sun and elements. 4-wheel comfort and stability helps you navigate town in style.
  6. Haven Comfort Stroller
    The Haven stroller is your companion from birth with lay flat bassinet, world and parent facing seat options for your growing child. It's lightweight frame is durable and compact for ease of use and storage.
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Making the most of your 4 wheel stroller

A stroller is so much more than just a tool for carrying your baby/toddler around. If you use it the right way, it can actually make your life much easier. Here are a few tips for making the most of your 4 wheel stroller.

Familiarise yourself with the features

Basically it’s about getting to know your pram so that you can make the most of them. This is probably something you need to do before you purchase your pram - choose a stroller with features that fit your lifestyle. 

4 wheel prams are compact and lightweight and packed with features that suit busy families who love getting out and about. When you get your pram have a good play with it. Open and close it, open all the zippers or velcro pockets (if any), flip down the canopy and test the recline - knowing how to use it will save you time and possibly help you discover features that will make a big difference to you. 

Maximise the storage space

The best 4 wheel prams will have ample storage for you to store all of the things you need to carry around with you when you have kids. But to make the most of your stroller, you need to be clever about how you organise your storage spaces following the tips below:

  • Always keep the same items in the same place - e.g. keep nappies and wipes in the storage pocket rather than the basket so they are within easy reach

  • Don’t overload your storage basket as this can make it difficult to push the pram - be clever about what you carry and leave anything unnecessary at home

  • If you leave items in the basket or storage pockets, the stroller won’t fold properly. If there are items that you regularly use and would like to keep them in the pram, pop them into smaller pouches or cosmetic size bags. That way they are easy to remove and can easily be stored in you car boot alongside the pram.

Help baby to sleep

If you can get your baby to sleep in the pram it can make life so much easier as you don’t have to race home at nap time everyday. The Mother’s Choice 4 wheel strollers have built in features that make this much simpler!

Look for prams with a large canopy that blocks out noise and light and also prams with multiple recline options including lay flat. Get baby used to sleeping in the pram while you are out and about and your pram becomes every more versatile!