Booster Car Seats

Being out and about in the car with your child is a big part of most busy parents’ lifestyles. Whether it’s a quick trip to the park or a long car journey, we want your little one to travel in comfortable, secure style!

If your child is out of their convertible car seat and aged from approximately 4 years to 8 years old, it might be time to now check out the Mother’s Choice booster seat range. But which is the best booster seat for your child?

We understand that the choices available to you might be a little overwhelming and we want to help you to identify what’s most important to you so you can make the right choice. We’re here to help to make traveling with your child stress-free and easier by offering a range to fit your individual circumstances. It’s important to choose a booster car seat that will work for your family’s needs and budget because these can be so different for every family.

Let us help you to choose the best booster seat Australia has to offer by showing you the features and benefits that our range has. Below is the full range of Mother’s Choice Booster Seats with full details of each, so that you can learn more and to help you make the right decision, stroll to the bottom of this page to read our helpful guide to choosing the right booster seat for your family.

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  1. Glide Booster Seat
    The Mother's Choice Glide Booster features one handed, 6 position headrest adjustment and covered armrests for added comfort. It also features narrow seat design to help ensure the fitment of 3 across the back.
  2. Tribe AP Booster Seat
    The Mother’s Choice tribe AP booster seat provides continued safety for your older child with our revolutionary AirProtect TM Technology. This unharnessed booster seat is suitable for children from 4 to approximately 8 years of age, or until your child’s shoulder reaches the upper height marker. The easy to access cup holders means no more drink spillages on your vehicle seats, the removable cover is also machine washable making every day maintenance a breeze for any parent or caregiver. The Mother’s Choice tribe AP booster seat is a narrow, yet comfortable seat that allows for up to 3 seats across the back in most cars.
  3. Zeal AP Booster Seat
    Introducing the zeal AP booster seat. Your best choice option for an easy to use booster with the added protection of Air Protect. The Mothers Choice zeal AP booster seat is available exclusively to Baby Bunting and provides exceptional protection for your older child. This unharnessed booster seat is for children aged 4 to approximately 8 years of age, or until your child’s shoulder reaches the upper height marker. 
  4. Apex Booster Seat
    The Apex unharnessed Booster Seat provides exceptional protection for your child. Suitable for children 4 years to 8 years of age. Trust Safety 1st quality and find your nearest store or speak with one of our customer service team now.
    $149.00 $199.00
  5. Trinity Unharnessed Booster Seat
    The Trinity unharnessed booster seat from Mother's Choice has a narrow seat design, covered armrests for comfort and a 6 position adjustable headrest.
  6. Dawn Booster Seat
    The Dawn booster seat is ideal for little ones who aren't so little anymore. Designed for children aged 4 to 8, this comfortable booster seat keeps kids safe in the backseat once they have outgrown their first car seats. Remember, children should always ride in a safety seat until they are big enough to wear a seat belt properly, around 8 years old for most children.  The booster seat features a slim design that enables you to fit three car seats across the back, making this booster seat perfect for your growing family. An installation recline feature helps the base of the seat adjust so that it can fit securely in most vehicles, even those with bucket or bench car seats. The headrest adjusts to six positions, allowing this seat to grow along with your child. One-handed adjustment lets you move the headrest as needed, even when you are holding your little one.  Spills are inevitable when you have small children, and the Dawn Booster seat is easy to keep clean. The seat cover is machine washable and is easy to remove and reinstall as needed for cleaning. The armrests are covered as well, keeping them cool and comfortable on hot summer days.
  7. AFL Booster Seats
    AFL team booster seat, designed to grow with your child.

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When it comes to choosing a booster seat, you’ll want to consider four main factors to ensure that you pick the right one. These include safety features, comfort for your child and how the seat will fit into your vehicle.

Here are the main areas to consider when looking for a booster seat, with some examples of how our range includes these features:


Safety Features

The Mother’s Choice child booster seat range offers safety features to keep your child secure when traveling. We appreciate that safety is at the top of your list when it comes to being out with your child and we’ve added features that give you peace of mind.

One example of this is protection and many of our booster seats offer the Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection for the head to provide extra protection in the event of an accident.



The law as it relates to car restraints in Australia is age and seated height based.   Depending on their seated shoulder height, by approximately the age of four, a child must be sitting in a forward-facing child restraint, such as a booster with an inbuilt harness, or an unharnessed booster seat with a properly fastened and adjusted seat belt.

They must remain in a booster seat until at least seven years of age again subject to their shoulder height. There are booster car seats in the Mother’s Choice range that are suitable for children from six months up to approximately 8 years of age to keep them in a car seat for longer. It is also extremely important that all car restraints are installed correctly.

Our seats, such as the Zeal AP Booster seat, have an easy one-handed 5 position headrest adjustment so you can accurately adjust to fit your child and change it as they grow.

It’s important that you continuously check out your seats’ height marker guide to ensure that your child’s seat is still at the right size and they haven’t outgrown it.



Our range also has wicking fabric to keep your child comfortable in their seat when traveling. Padded armrests are features on Booster Car Seats that provide added comfort for your child.

The benefit of removable machine washable inserts means you can easily remove, clean and replace them to ensure your child’s car seat always stays fresh and clean.

For smaller vehicles, look for a car seat that is comfortable yet narrow, such as the Zeal AP. If you have three children in booster seats, three of these seats can be positioned across the back of most vehicles.


Additional features

Our range offers additional features to help make your life easier and offer additional comfort for your child too.

For example, while you’re traveling in the car, you might find that cup holders that are attached to your child’s car seat can make a big difference.

Your child can easily store their bottle within arms reach and help themselves to a drink as you safely drive.

​Installation tips for booster seats

Before installing your car booster seat, always read the vehicle owner’s manual and the car safety seat manual.

  • Booster seats must be used with lap and shoulder belts. Use the plastic clip or guide on your booster seat to correctly position the lap and shoulder belts.
  • Ensure that the lap belt sits low and snug across your child’s upper thighs.
  • Ensure that the shoulder belt fits across your child’s chest and shoulder and sits away from the neck.

Booster seat FAQs

Are booster seats legal in Australia?

Booster seats are legal in Australia, provided that they comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1754. It is illegal to use booster seats that do not meet this Standard.

When can a child use a car booster seat?

It is recommended that children use a car booster seat from six months of age. Children may stop using a car booster seat when they are able to be safely restrained by a seatbelt to prevent injury.

Can a 4-year-old sit in a booster seat?

Provided that the child meets the height and weight requirements of the booster seat, a four year old may be able to sit in a booster seat.

At what age can a child use a backless booster?

Although car seats generally cater to a particular age range, children come in all shapes and sizes. A child can use a backless booster when they meet the height and weight requirements of the seat.

Is a backless booster seat illegal in Australia?

Provided that the child meets the height and weight requirements of the backless booster car seat, it is not illegal to use one in Australia. When using a backless booster seat, it is important that it complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1754.

When can a child come out of a booster seat in Australia?

This varies for each child, but generally when the child can be safely restrained in a seatbelt, they may come out of a booster seat. 

What if my car has only lap belts in the back seat?

Lap belts should never be used with booster seats. They are compatible with seats that face the rear only, convertible car seats, and forward-facing seats with harnesses. Other options include:

  • Installing shoulder belts in your car;
  • Using a travel vest;
  • Considering another car that has lap belts in the back seat.

What is the difference between high-back boosters and backless boosters?

Both of these boosters raise your child so that the seat belt fits properly around them and reduces the risk of injury. High-back boosters come with harnesses that can be adjusted or removed, depending on the size of your child, and these boosters are suitable for use in vehicles with low seat backs. Backless boosters are generally inexpensive and can be used in vehicles with high seat backs and high headrests. 

National child restraint laws

Australian law requires all children to be safely fastened in the correct child car seat for their age and size. Children who are properly secured in an approved car seat are less likely to be injured in a car crash.

  • Up to the age of six months, children must be secured in a rear-facing restraint.
  • From six months of age but under four years old, children must be secured in either a rear or forward-facing car seat with an inbuilt harness.
  • From four years old but under seven years old, children must be secured in a forward-facing car seat with an inbuilt harness or an approved booster seat.
  • From seven years old but under 16 years old, it is strongly recommended to use a booster seat for children who are too small to be restrained properly by a seatbelt.

The Mother’s Choice range of child booster seats suits all budgets and needs to make traveling in the car with your child safe and comfortable.