Baby Capsule Hire - Mico Plus & ISOFIX Base

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 *Online purchases only to be used on or for convertible car seats only.

When you hire a baby capsule from Mother’s Choice, you can feel confident and secure knowing that you are dealing with one of Australia’s oldest nursery brands. We are partnering with the Maxi Cosi brand, the number one baby capsule brand in Australia. Select from our large range of baby car seat rentals that meet Australian safety standards.

A baby capsule is a fantastic product that you need during your infants first months. It provides safety and convenience for all parents. You can safely transfer your infant capsule into the car or on to a travel system.

We understand that a capsule might not be high on your priority list to purchase but have you thought of hiring one for the short term?  Not only do our hire capsules have the manufacturer guarantee, but they each go through our rigorous refurbishment process, for your complete peace of mind.

Each hire capsule has excellent safety features and benefits:

  • Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection and 5 point safety harness, for secure rides
  • Convenient stay-in-car base (option to purchase an additional base for your second car)
  • Cool Baby wicking fabric with bamboo helps keep baby cool and comfortable
  • Easily removable fabrics for cleaning


The process to hire a baby capsule is incredibly simple:

  • Choose the time period you would like the hire capsule: 3 or 6 months
  • Let us know the date you would like the hire capsule to be dispatched to you (not available in WA or NT)
  • Simply book in now to rent a baby capsule

Australia Post is experiencing significant delays during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a result of limited flights in Australia, social distancing and an increase in the volume of parcels. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for delivery. Please note that all items are dispatched from Melbourne, Victoria.

Hiring from Mother's Choice is easy

Why hire a baby capsule
Why hire a baby capsule
Why I love my baby capsule
Why I love my baby capsule
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire an additional baby capsule?
Yes, you can, simply adjust the quantity at the checkout.

Can I hire an additional capsule base?
Every baby capsule hire comes with one baby capsule base. If you need an additional capsule base, you can purchase one from the Mother’s Choice website.

Can I change my mind and purchase the capsule?
Currently, we do not allow our customers to purchase the baby capsule they have hired. You are required to return the baby capsule at the end of the hire period.

Can I extend my hire period?
Yes, you can extend your hire period. Your baby capsule hire is automatically extended on a month to month basis when you do not return your baby capsule at the end of your hire period.

Can I hire for a shorter period than three months?
The minimum hire period is 3 months.

How are the capsules cleaned between uses?
Every capsule undergoes a stringent refurbish certification process. This includes cleaning and disinfecting the hardware and software and then thorough steam sterilization.

You can view our baby capsule hire terms and conditions here.

Can I install the capsule myself?
Yes, you can! The capsule has been designed for parents and caregivers to install. You need to read the instruction manual and you can check out the installation videos on this page. You can always reach out to our customer service team if you need extra support.

1. Recline your capsule base to the optimum highest position.
2. Choose your installation method, either using ISOFIX or your very own lap-sash seat belt.
3. Easily connect the capsule to the base by aligning the slots of the capsule.
4. Attach the top tether strap to the anchor point in your vehicle.
5. Loosen the top tether strap using the adjuster, and unhook the top tether strap from the loop section.

Check out our installation videos above to see how a Maxi-Cosi capsule can be easily installed in your car. If your not sure don’t worry, we are here to help and guide you. Please feel free to call us, email us, or message us on Facebook.

Can I go to a professional to have my capsule installed?
Yes you can, however, this is at your own cost

What if I can’t fit the capsule in my car?
On the rare occurrence that you cannot fit the capsule into your car we request that you contact our customer service team on 1300 809 526.

What if the top tether doesn't reach the anchor point?
In some vehicles, the anchor point may be located in the boot floor or right at the end in the ceiling and you may require an additional extension, please ensure that you purchase the extension strap during checkout. The extensions straps are available in two (300mm or 600 mm) standard sizes, the extension is not adjustable and it's the customer's responsibility to order the appropriate strap length.

What is the difference between ISOFIX and non ISOFIX installation?
The difference between ISOFIX compatibility and NON-ISOFIX compatibility is the method of installation. Please note that ISOFIX installation is only for use in cars with ISOFIX connections. Most cars built after 2014 have ISOFIX, you can check the back seats for the connection or check the owner’s manual.

Is it safer to install with the ISOFIX method or the seat belt method?
Both methods are equally as safe when installed correctly. Please follow the installation instructions in your capsule instruction manual.

Will you deliver anywhere in Australia?
The baby capsule hire program is currently only available to Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, ACT, and Tasmania.

When can you deliver the baby capsule?
The capsule will be dispatched on the date that you choose at the time of order. Please allow 4-5 business days for your capsule to arrive via Australia Post.

How much is the delivery?
We charge $25 for delivery and the return is free.

When do I need to return the baby capsule?
You need to return the capsule at the end of your hire period. Mother’s Choice will be sending you an email reminder closer to the end of the hire period to prompt you. You will just need to make sure that the baby capsule is scanned at your nearest Australia Post outlet on the date of your expiry to avoid any further charges i.e. if your hire expires on 10 November, you will need to make sure that the baby capsule is submitted to Australia Post no later than 10 November.

How do I return my baby capsule at the end of the hire period?
It's easy, simply log on to your online account on and click on My Account and then return baby capsule. You need to keep the box that you received your capsule in so you can put the capsule back in it for return postage. You will need a printer to print out the Australia Post return label and stick it on the box and return it to your nearest Australia Post office.

Do I need to clean the capsule before return?
We realize minor wear and tear can occur, however, we expect the baby capsule to be returned in a reasonably clean condition.

Is the bond refundable?
Yes, the bond is refundable after we have received and inspected the condition of the baby capsule. You can choose to either have your bond refunded or use the funds to purchase your next car seat from us.

Do I have to pay for the hire upfront or can I pay by the month?
Currently, we offer you the option to either pay in full or in monthly installments. If you choose to pay on monthly installments, you will be charged the bond and delivery fee at the checkout. Your hire fee will be charged on a monthly basis at the chosen start date.

Can I cancel my hire order?
Yes, you can cancel your hire order before your hire start date. You cannot cancel your order after you have received the capsule.

Can I return my capsule earlier?
If you have chosen a 6 month hire period and have completed 3 months of your hire period, you can choose to return your capsule earlier and be charged for 3 months hire. However, if you have chosen 3 month hire period then you can still return your capsule earlier however you will still be charged for the full 3 months hire period.

Can I change the start of my hire period to be earlier?
Yes, you can change the start date of your hire period earlier after you have placed an order with us. Just call our customer service team on 1300 809 526.

There are so many reasons you may choose to hire a baby capsule. For some parents, the cost of buying a brand new baby capsule simply isn’t justifiable for an item that you will only use in the short term. Baby capsules can become costly, and may retail for hundreds of dollars. Many parents find it more beneficial to purchase a baby car seat that can be used for several years. Others may only need a baby capsule for a brief period of time, such as when travelling.

At Mother’s Choice, we offer infant capsule hire for 3 or 6 months. Whether you’re looking to hire a baby car seat in Sydney, Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, Mother’s Choice has you covered. Our rental baby capsules are from reputable companies and meet all Australian safety standards, so you’ll have peace of mind that your little one will be safe.

There are a few things you must consider before deciding whether to buy or hire a baby capsule.

Cost: Baby capsule hire is quite affordable in comparison to the cost of purchasing a car seat once your baby outgrows their baby capsule. For growing families, it may be more cost effective to purchase a convertible car seat that can convert from a rear-facing capsule to a forward-facing car seat. Mother’s Choice offers a selection of car seats to suit different needs.

Safety standards: When you hire a baby capsule with Mother’s Choice, we do the hard work for you. You’ll have peace of mind that all of our baby car seat rentals meet Australian safety standards and are from reputable manufacturers. If you’re purchasing a baby car seat, particularly second hand or online, it’s important to check that it meets Australian requirements for safety.

Time: How long will you be using the baby capsule, and how often? If the answer isn’t a long time, then you may want to consider baby capsule hire instead of purchasing one. At Mother’s Choice, we offer hire periods of 3 or 6 months and can ship your baby capsule rental to anywhere in Australia.

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