Baby Nasal Aspirator - Clear Tip

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The aspirator contains many features improved compression and finger grooves for proper finger placement to meet the needs of parent and baby. Find your nearest store of contact our Customer Service team for more information.
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Clear and removable nozzle

Improved compression

Finger grooves for better finger and thumb placement


The Clear Tip Nasal Aspirator has improved compression and finger grooves for proper finger placement to meet the needs of parent and baby, allowing for a better grasp on the aspirator whilst drawing away the excess mucus.


The design allows for parents to view mucus and ensure that the nasal aspirator is working. The nozzle is removable for easy cleaning.

More Information
Suitable from Newborn to 15kg
Barcode 884392619725
Dimensions Assembled 14.2 x 9.2 x 5.7cm

What is a nasal aspirator?

A nasal aspirator is a device that clears snot or mucus from a baby’s nose. Aspirators come in handy for babies and children as they prefer to breathe through their nose. Nasal congestion can make breathing, sleeping and feeding difficult.

How does a nasal aspirator work?

The baby nasal aspirator extracts the mucus through suction, allowing the baby to breathe easily. The aspirator works by placing a flexible tube into your baby’s nostril while you suck on the other end of the tube. Depending on the model of the nasal aspirator, there will be either a disposable filter or tissue at the end of the aspirator to catch the mucus.

Are electrical nasal aspirators safe?

Electrical nasal aspirators are safe for your baby, and many parents may be more comfortable using an electrical nasal aspirator. Designed for your infant’s delicate nose, electrical nasal aspirators meet all Australian safety standards and can safely help your baby breathe easier.

Can I use a nasal aspirator when my baby is sleeping?

Nasal aspirators can be used while your baby is sleeping. Although the tip of a nasal aspirator is soft and comfortable, your baby may be uncomfortable with the object in their nostril. You can even use an electrical nasal aspirator while your baby is sleeping, as they do not produce much noise.

How do I clean a baby nasal aspirator?

Baby nasal aspirators are waterproof for easy cleaning. Simply rinse the nasal aspirator under warm, soapy water. Fill the nasal aspirator with some of the water and give it a shake to clear any mucus that may still be present. Repeat this process several times, then rinse with clean cold water. You should not attempt to boil or place parts of an electrical nasal aspirator in a steriliser.

Can I use a nasal aspirator on a newborn?

Many nasal aspirators are designed to be safely used on newborns. If you intend to use a nasal aspirator on a newborn, always check before purchasing it that it is newborn-friendly. If you have any questions about using a nasal aspirator on a newborn, get in touch with the friendly team at Mother’s Choice.

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