Should you invest in a baby highchair?

Introducing solids to your baby is one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences of the first year of their life.

Watching them discover new textures and tastes, coupled with either delighted or scrunched up facial expressions, makes mealtimes entertaining for the whole family!

When it’s time to get started, you’ll want to consider investing in a highchair that’s just right for them and there are a few different factors that come into play when making the decision.

Some considerations to make before choosing the best highchair, are:

·         is your baby ready to start solids?

·         is the chair comfortable?

·         will it be safe and secure for your baby?

·         is it easy to clean?

·         will it fit into your home?

·         what is your budget?

When is the right time to invest in a highchair?

For many parents, a highchair is an absolute essential at mealtimes. When your baby is ready to start solids, you’ll want to find a chair that suits their needs.

As well as being a safe, secure and comfortable place for your baby to eat in, it can also make your life so much easier. Our highchairs are designed with these purposes in mind and we’re here to help set you up for success when your baby starts eating solid food, right through to the toddler years.

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of investing in a highchair, we’re sharing some of the biggest benefits that many parents love about them!

The benefits of investing in a highchair

1.       The family can sit together

When you’re little one is getting ready to start solids, both you and they will love having them officially have a seat at the table at family mealtimes!

Being in an elevated chair, at the same eye-level as you all, will make them feel much more part of the action and they won’t feel they’re missing out on anything. Babies can experience FOMO too! When they like to be close by to you and as they grow, will take more interest in what the rest of the family is up to.

Being able to engage socially with your baby, on the same level, helps with their development as well as giving your all the opportunity to spend some quality time together as a family.

2.       Your baby can feed themselves more easily

In a comfortable and secure seat, your baby can sit up and make use of the space and ease that having a tray in front of them offers.

A highchair tray is flat with plenty of room to layout their meal within easy reach for them to grab, examine and learn to self-feed over time.

Whether you intend to go the puree route, or give baby led weaning a go, a supportive highchair that helps your baby to sit up straight is a must-have.

3.       Clean up is easier

Mess is unavoidable when it comes to feeding your baby – from puree to chopped fruit to crumbs, you’ll find them on every surface and in every crevice of your baby’s highchair.

Our highchairs come with easy to wipe trays that can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. When your baby is sitting in their chair, rather than on your lap, the opportunity for mess if more confined to their immediate surroundings, rather that all over you or the floor!

The Breeze Highchair even comes with a removable seat pad to make cleaning up after a messy mealtime even more of, well, a breeze! The seat is also cushioned which makes for a comfortable experience for your baby too. If they’re comfortable in their highchair, they will be much less resistant to being in it.

4.       They can grow with your baby

Many highchairs can be adjusted as your baby grows into a toddler and even beyond.

Our 3-in-1 Egg is a versatile chair that can be used up until your child is around 3 years old with a soft and spongy removable seat and 5-point harness to keep them secure as they sit.

This chair adapts as your little one grows, easily converting from a highchair to low chair to booster seat.

It’s lighter on your budget as lasts longer and will remain a familiar and comfortable seat for your baby for years – meaning mealtimes are easier to navigate.

5.       They don’t need to take up too much room

In smaller homes, or if you only need a highchair for occasional use, you could consider investing in a booster chair.

The Mother’s Choice Clean & Comfy Booster is a great choice for babies between six months and four years old.

Its wipe down surface is easy to clean and has a removable, dishwasher-safe tray to make cleaning up messes a breeze.

Booster seats can be a great idea for your family holidays or a trip to a family or friend’s house. Simply pop it into your car to take anywhere - eating on-the-go becomes much easier.

Highchairs are not only a safe place for your child to eat their meal, but they can also have such a positive effect on mealtimes for the whole family.

When the littlest family member is ready to join in, it brings a whole new level of family-bonding that you will all love.

Not only that, but the right highchair can also make your life as a busy parent much easier too. Features that make feeding your baby easier and quicker means less time struggling or cleaning for you and more time spent discovering mealtime fun through the eyes of your baby.

Now it’s over to you!

Spend a little time considering if your baby is ready for a highchair and which will be the most comfortable and safest option for them.

Before you make your final choice, check that the highchair suits your dining table set up and there is enough space to use and store it in your home.

Our range includes options for babies or all ages who are ready to start solid foods. You’ll find a highchair that suits your home, your budget, your baby’s needs and helps to make mealtimes fun and relaxed for the whole family.

You can find out more about our full range of highchairs, and make the best choice for your requirements, here.