How to help your baby sleep in their pram

In an ideal world, your baby would have every sleep at home in their cot. They would also never wake for a night feed… sadly there is nothing we can do about that! But we can help you with some tips to get your baby to sleep in their pram so you can start to enjoy some of what life has to offer outside of your four walls… even if it is just getting the grocery shopping done! If you can get your baby to sleep in their pram, you are onto a winning formula for successful family outings.

Whether you have a baby who will sleep anywhere or one who needs a little more encouragement to drop off to the land of nod, these tips will help.

Make it dark

When your baby is going to sleep at home, you likely make the room as dark as you can. Some parents even resort to covering the baby nursery windows with aluminium foil to create a dark environment 24/7. And that’s because babies do sleep best in the dark. We all do.

If you are hoping to use the baby pram for your little one to sleep in while you are out and about, the same premise applies - try to make it as dark as you possibly can. And on a stroller, the easiest way to do that is by using the in-built sunshade. 

A baby pram like the Grace stroller which has a super extension hood, allows you to block out as much light as possible, as well as any potential distractions from activity that is happening around the pram. In the hood of the Grace stroller, there is also a mesh viewing panel so you can still check on your baby while they are sleeping without needing to open the sunshade and risk waking them. 

If you are out and about, moving indoors to a quieter, darker area while you are trying to get your baby to sleep can also be helpful. The aim of the game is to make that baby pram feel as cosy and ready for sleep as their bedroom at home. 

Use white noise

If you’ve never used white noise to get your baby to sleep, what have you been doing?? White noise really does have a sleepy effect… you may even find yourself drifting off to sleep when you use it! And while you are out in the baby pram, white noise can be particularly useful to get baby off to sleep.

Using white noise can help to block or muffle the noise of the outside world - whether that is traffic noise, the sound of people talking or even other kids playing in the park. You can simply use an app or your phone or take a portable white noise machine with you and attach it to the pram, either way, white noise is an effective tool for getting your baby to sleep in their pram. 

Rocking motion

While it might give your arms quite the workout, rocking the baby pram back and forth can be worth the hard work if it helps your baby drift off to sleep. 

Much like the movement of the car can send baby off to sleep, or your swaying motion as you hold your baby in your arms, gently rocking the pram can help to simulate that movement that induces sleep.

If rocking the pram isn’t enough, you may need to take the pram for a little walk for more consistent motion… whatever you do, it’s all about getting the pram moving - there is a reason the lullaby is called ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’. And if the worst comes to the worst, you can always try rocking your baby to sleep in your arms and transferring them to the pram when they are asleep.

Stick to your routine

As hard as it is to stick to your routine while you are out and about, staying as close to it as you can, will greatly benefit your cause!

Firstly, by sticking to your routine with minor changes (i.e. baby falling asleep in the pram rather than their cot) you are keeping some familiarity around the sleep routine. If you always sing a special song before nap time or baby always has a feed before they sleep, keep doing that. Those little sleep cues will help them to know that even though they aren’t at home, it’s sleep time.

Also, by continuing with your routine while you are out and about, you have less risk of undoing your hard work of creating a sleep routine that your baby can recognise. The last thing you want is a baby that can sleep in their pram but nowhere else!

If your baby has a favourite comforter, bring it with you… or better yet have a comforter for home and one for the pram so you have a backup plan if you lose one! Our stroller toys are the ideal pram comforter because they attach to the stroller, reducing the risk of losing them. 

Don’t forget safety

While you are out and about and your baby is sleeping in their pram, it’s also crucially important that you don’t lax on the pram safety.

Ensure that your baby is always strapped into their pram using the stroller harness so they can’t roll out of the pram while they are sleeping. Also, don’t cover the pram completely with blankets or wraps as this can cause the temperature to skyrocket. Finally, be sure to use the brake while the pram is not in motion so your sleeping baby doesn’t become a runaway baby!

At Mother’s Choice, we have a range of baby prams that have various features to support you in helping your baby to fall asleep in the stroller while out about. From multi-recline seats to extendable sunshades, you are sure to find a stroller to suit. We understand modern, budget-conscious parents and design with the realities of #mumlife in mind.