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For such little people, babies require so much stuff. High chairs, baby cots, safety gates, baby carriers… but so many of these items are designed to make your life easier and to help you protect your new precious bundle.

Baby safety products are a big focus here at Mother’s Choice. We know how important it is to keep baby safe and give you peace of mind. Our locks and latches are designed to suit a variety of different cupboards, doors and appliances in your home to help make “project baby safety” much simpler. Locks and latches are the perfect alternative to safety gates so you don’t need to limit access to rooms in your home but can still keep baby safe with dangerous items out of reach.

Our full baby range covers the essentials every family with a young baby needs from day to day. Other than baby safety, we also have a selection of baby health and grooming products to help care for your baby day to day. Thermometers, nail clippers, baby hair brushes and more. Then there are the products that bring ease into your life. Rockers, bouncers, carriers and high chairs.

For us, it’s about offering you the products you need to keep your baby safe, at a price you can afford. We know that baby safety is a priority for you, as it is for all parents. Mother’s Choice products are designed with safety in mind and to address the key baby safety concerns of modern parents.

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  1. Baby 3 in 1 Rocker Napper
    Baby Rocker Napper with soothing movements rock your baby in all 3 reclining positions. Easily converts into comfy napper.
    Baby Rocker Napper with soothing movements rock your baby in all 3 reclining positions. Easily converts into comfy napper. Learn More

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The three rooms that pose the biggest risk to home safety

When you have a baby, your mind immediately jumps to home safety and all the dangers present around you. Particularly so when your baby starts moving around - it’s amazing how quickly a baby can crawl from one side of the room to the other when you turn around to put something away!

Some rooms present a greater threat to home safety than others. That’s not to say that there aren’t risks in other rooms, but these are the three rooms that you should focus your home safety overhaul efforts first.


In the kitchen, the key risks are burns and scalds, falls and poisoning. Everyday kitchen items such as knives are also a danger to be aware of. Here are the considerations for making your kitchen safer:

  • Using a variety of locks and latches in the kitchen can immediately make a difference to home safety. The oven should have a lock so that it cannot be opened. Also be sure to lock any cupboards that have chemicals or cleaning products as these pose a risk for poisoning
  • Avoid using the front burners on your stove and always keep saucepan handles facing away from the front edge - despite being so small, babies that can stand up could potentially reach a saucepan and end up burning themselves
  • Keep knives either up high and out of reach, or once again use a lock to keep them safely inaccessible to little fingers


Slips, trips and falls, drowning and poisoning are big risks in a bathroom. Here’s how you can increase your bathroom home safety rating:

  • Use a non-slip mat in your bathtub to prevent your little one from slipping over
  • Always closely supervise your baby when they are in the bath and never leave water in the bathtub when you aren’t using it
  • If you keep any cleaning chemicals in the bathroom, also secure those in the cupboard with a lock or latch


Poisoning in the laundry is probably the greatest risk, but if this is where you keep the iron or other household items, there can be other risks also. Here’s what to do to keep the laundry safe:

  • Lock any cleaning chemicals, washing detergent etc. in a cupboard with a lock or latch.
  • Never leave the iron (or a steamer if you have one) unattended while it is on and always keep the cord up high if possible so it can’t be tugged down by curious little hands

Other than these three rooms, electrical outlet plugs are a good idea throughout your entire home. When it comes to home safety, it is about common sense and eliminating the risks in your home. Which is so simple to do with the Mother’s Choice range of home safety products.