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An electronic nasal aspirator that quickly and gently removes excess mucus from a babies nose. An essential device which may provide relief from mucus build-up and further congestion. 

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The pack includes:
  • 4 soft, hygienic silicone tips
  • Vinyl bag to keep tips and aspirator easily organised


The Electronic Nasal Aspirator by Safety 1st is designed to give your baby quick and gentle relief from congestion. The electric nasal aspirator includes 4 soft and hygienic silicone tips that can be easily sterilised. The body is formed with a contoured shape for ease in grip, and it quietly and efficiently removes excess mucus. The clear reservoir lets you know it's working. It comes with a vinyl bag to keep the tips and your baby nasal aspirator neatly organised.

What to look for when buying a baby nasal aspirator

Type of aspirator - Baby nasal aspirators come in two main types: electric and manual. Battery-operated electric nasal aspirators are easy to use and gently suck excess mucus into a separate chamber. Manual aspirators require a bit of saline solution to be administered to the baby to loosen the mucus, before the parent operates the aspirator by sucking on a one-way tube.

Noise level - Electric nasal aspirators make more noise than a manual aspirator, which may be unsettling for some children.

Age - Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that the baby nasal aspirator is suitable for use on your child.

Accessories - Some baby nasal aspirators come with additional accessories such as carry bags and nozzles of different sizes.

Why does every family need a nasal aspirator?

Don’t get caught out without a baby nasal aspirator when you need one! Many parents agree that a nasal aspirator is an absolute must-have in your medicine cabinet for when stuffy noses strike. Babies’ airways are sensitive, and having an electric nasal aspirator on hand can make feeding and breathing much easier.

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Suitable from Newborn to 15kg
Barcode 884392606930
Dimensions Assembled 19.69 x 9.4 x 6.1cm

Is a nasal aspirator safe for babies?

Most definitely! Baby nasal aspirators are the safest and easiest way to remove excess mucus gently from your baby’s nose. When selecting a nasal aspirator, ensure that it meets Australian safety standards. All of the baby nasal aspirators for sale on Mother’s Choice are approved for use in Australia.

Can I use a nasal aspirator when the baby is sleeping?

Baby nasal aspirators are gentle on your little one’s nostrils, and many parents prefer to operate the aspirator when the baby is sleeping to minimise discomfort. In most cases, the soft humming sound of an electric nasal aspirator is not enough to wake the baby up, so your bub can continue sleeping safe and sound.

When can I use a nasal aspirator on a newborn?

While some baby nasal aspirators are not safe for use on newborns, the electronic nasal aspirator by Safety 1st can be used from newborn up to 15kg. Ensure that you select the right sized nozzle for your little one. The baby nasal aspirator gently sucks mucus from your newborn’s nostrils so they can breathe easier.

How do you unclog a baby's nose?

Stuffiness and congestion can hinder your baby’s ability to breathe, and make feeding and play time far less enjoyable. A baby nasal aspirator works quickly to gently unclog your baby’s nose, allowing them to breathe comfortably. An electric nasal aspirator automatically sucks excess mucus from your baby’s nostrils, so they can return to play time quicker!

Do electric nasal aspirators work?

Electric nasal aspirators are one of the easiest and safest ways to unclog a baby’s nose. Manual aspirators require the parent to suck the mucus through a one-way tube, which may be uncomfortable for some. Electric nasal aspirators are quick, gentle, and can provide your baby with much needed relief.

Can a nasal aspirator hurt the baby?

When used correctly, a nasal aspirator will not hurt your baby. The silicone tips are designed to be soft and are contoured to fit into your little one’s nostrils without any discomfort. The gentle sucking motion of an electric nasal aspirator will not harm your baby, and works only to remove the excess mucus from their nose.

What is the best nasal aspirator?

When shopping for the best nasal aspirator, select one that is easy to use, hygienic, and includes multiple tips - because you never know when congestion might strike! The best nasal aspirator is one that is safe for use on your baby. Select a baby nasal aspirator that’s been approved for use in Australia and meets industry standards.

How can I clear my baby's nose without a bulb syringe?

Bulb syringes are bulky, uncomfortable, and may not produce the desired results when it comes to clearing your baby’s nose. Electric nasal aspirators are easy to operate, effective at removing excess mucus, and are safe to use in gentle nostrils. We recommend always keeping a baby nasal aspirator on hand for when congestion strikes.

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